The INIR mission recommends. Poland closer to building the first nuclear reactor

Luc Williams

Summary of the INIR mission and its importance for the Polish nuclear energy industry

Climate and Environment Resort announced on Thursday that the 11-day mission had ended INIR 2 of the International Atomic Energy Agency, i.e. Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR). The INIR mission is a tool that allows us to understand the stage of preparation of national institutions participating in the nuclear energy program. The mission also helps determine what conditions and needs a given country has, but also shortcomings and gaps that need to be addressed.

The Ministry said in a statement that the mission assessed Poland's readiness to implement the next phase of the Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PEJ program), i.e. the construction of the first nuclear power plant. “As part of the Integrated Review of Nuclear Infrastructure, a team of experts IAEA presented 5 recommendations and 7 suggestions that are intended to help Poland achieve further progress in the development of nuclear infrastructure and readiness to build the first nuclear power plant in the country,” it was reported.

It was added that the team also identified 7 good practices in Poland that would also benefit other countries developing nuclear energy.

IAEA conclusions important for the development of the Polish nuclear energy program

Quoted in the release Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka assured that the conclusions drawn after talks with the Agency's experts will help improve the implementation of the Polish Nuclear Energy Program.

In accordance with the IAEA methodology, the Polish nuclear energy program was assessed in 19 areas, such as: national policy and decisions regarding the implementation of nuclear energy; nuclear safety; funds and financing; legal framework; radiological protection; electrical grid; environmental Protection; management of radioactive waste; involvement of the domestic industry.

The ministry said that representatives of the nuclear energy department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the company took part in the talks with the IAEA Polish Nuclear Power Plants, National Atomic Energy Agency, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Polish Power Grids, GDOŚ, Government Security Center and Radioactive Waste Disposal Plant.

Structure and objectives of the INIR mission regarding the Polish nuclear energy program

The Ministry indicated that the International Atomic Energy Agency's INIR missions are based on milestones and include: 19 infrastructure areas, three phases (consideration, preparation and construction) and three milestones (decision, contract, launch).

“The INIR 2 mission positively assessed Poland's preparation to achieve the second milestone and readiness to implement the third phase of the PEJ Program,” it added.

Development plan for nuclear power plants in Poland and future updates of the program

The current version of PPEJ from 2020 assumes the construction of two nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 6-9 GW. Construction of the first one – in Pomerania – would start in 2026, the first unit would be launched in 2033, and the next two units within the next three years. The previous government indicated a consortium as a partner for this construction Westinghouse-Bechtel. The selection of the location for the second power plant would be approved in 2028, and construction would begin in 2032. The Ministry of Climate announces an update of the PPEJ in 2024. (PAP)


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