The largest Polish satellite will fly into space this year. This is a groundbreaking mission

Luc Williams

Creotech Instruments maintains the launch of the EagleEye satellite into Earth orbit this year, the company announced.

EagleEye satellite

“This year, the largest and most advanced satellite in Poland's history will be launched into Earth orbit. EagleEye, developed by Creotech Instruments, Scanway and the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was built on a proprietary platform HyperSat, which allows you to conduct various types of space missions,” we read in the release.

The platform already provides a key element a number of projects at national and European level, both civil and defense in nature. This year's mission will significantly accelerate the ongoing commercialization process of the platform. EagleEye satellite was created in Poland with the involvement of domestic companies, building national competences in the creation of small satellites and is a milestone for the development of the Polish space sector. This project opens the door for domestic entities to the rapidly growing and profitable market of designing, building, integrating and launching small satellites, it was emphasized.

“Despite the rapid increase in the value of the space market, in Europe only eight capital groups have proven ability to create satellites weighing more than 50 kg. There are only a few dozen such companies around the world. The main barrier to entry is high engineering complexity“- we also read.

A breakthrough mission

“The groundbreaking nature of the mission EagleEye highlights the fact that the mass of our satellite is comparable to the mass of all dozen or so Polish satellites built since the beginning of national participation in space exploration. EagleEye will weigh over 50 kg and, apart from our proprietary HyperSat platform, will also test the first Polish high-resolution Earth imaging system from Scanway and the instrument computer developed in Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The mission is therefore of great importance not only for Creotech, but also for the other consortium members and the entire Polish space sector. We are opening the door for domestic entities to the rapidly growing and profitable market of designing, building, integrating and launching small satellites weighing over 50 kg,” said president Grzegorz Brona, quoted in the material.

He added that the EagleEye project is still a state of affairs before it is launched into orbit a milestone in the development of the Polish space sector and contributes to the increase in the number of jobs in high-technology industry.

Development of the Polish space sector

“National capabilities to build advanced civilian and military satellites are consistent with the long-term development direction of the Polish space sector. They also allow for the construction of the Made in Poland constellation and the development of a nationwide network of companies supplying the necessary components for the national value chain of satellite construction. The HyperSat platform may in the future serve not only optical missions, but also radar, communication, 5G and Internet of Things, scientific, security and defense missions, as well as orbital logistics missions,” Brona added.

As reported, the HyperSat platform is already enjoying great interest from customers. It was selected by the German company OHB for the first test satellite refueling mission in Earth orbit. In turn, ESA entrusted Creotech Instruments with phase 0-A for the second, after a 20-year break, the largest European lunar mission, the aim of which will be to map the natural resources of the Silver Globe.

“This mission will also be carried out by a satellite-based platform HyperSat. The platform is also to become one of the standards in the European Defense Fund REACTS project, related to the construction of European rapid response capabilities in the event of a crisis situation. It is also the basis for national missions, including: PIAST or a potential future constellation for the military. Creotech Instruments identifies at least a dozen potential customers, including international institutions and commercial entities interested in using the HyperSat platform to carry out their own space missions,” we read further.

Creotech Instruments is the largest Polish company producing and supplying space technologies and specialized electronics and equipment to the global market, including: for the needs of quantum computers, quantum cryptography and quantum physics and high energy laboratories. The company debuted on the WSE main market in 2022, moving from the NewConnect market.



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