The Sejm favors postponing the implementation of the KSeF to February 1, 2026.

Luc Williams

237 MPs voted for the adoption of the act, 183 were against and 20 abstained from voting. Now the amendment to the Goods and Services Tax Act and certain other acts will be debated by the Senate.

During work on the project in the Sejm, Deputy Minister of Finance Jarosław Neneman emphasized that the KSeF has no chance of entering into force on July 1 this year, and its possible introduction would mean that it would be impossible to issue or collect VAT invoices. He added that the audit showed numerous defects of the proposed KSeF, primarily non-scalability, and therefore it is not technically possible for it to be implemented on July 1 this year.

“We are not introducing it not because we have changed our mind, but because the system is not suitable for implementation. The audit results clearly showed that the system is not ready, the system would collapse immediately after its introduction. It would probably be worse than a repeat of the Polish Order, because it would be impossible to issue and collect an invoice,” Neneman said.

The act passed on Thursday provides for the postponement of the KSeF implementation date to February 1, 2026, from July 1, 2024.

Postponing the KSeF implementation date is intended to better prepare taxpayers for mandatory e-invoicing. For this purpose, the Ministry of Finance announced the launch of a series of practical training courses on the use of free software, i.e. the Taxpayer Application and e-microenterprises, and is to provide additional support in the form of a National Tax Information hotline.

The government explained that the change in regulations was a response to signals from entrepreneurs. Failure to decide to change the deadline would lead to economic paralysis and a situation in which taxpayers would be forced to e-invoice and use a system that shows errors and is unprepared to handle a large number of invoices – it was argued. (PAP)

author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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