The significance of communication in our connected world The significance of communication in our connected world

Luc Williams

From epic letters and telegrams, to instant messages on social networks, communication has represented the transformation of society over the years. Its invaluable role reminds us that, despite our differences and distance, we have a common need to share what we think and feel with others. This is the mark of the transcendence of communication in the history of humanity.

Its influence on contemporary life merits understanding the professionalization of the field of communication. Therefore, in this article we seek to understand how the study of communication has transformed society in powerful ways, and why the Bachelor's Degree in Communication at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro is vital in these revolutionary changes.

You want to know more? Let's start with the most essential: society.

Communication as the foundation of society

No community can survive without communication; that is our nature. If we understand every effort and act we make so that others understand us as communication, just as the philosopher does Noam Chomskythen we can think of it as an essential part of our culture and, even more so, of our human condition.

We can think of many ways in which communication influences and transforms our society, but without a doubt the following five are especially essential:

  • Allows connection and empathy: Thanks to global communication, we can find out what the lives of people on the other side of the world are like. This access to information allows us to generate empathy and act more based on the common good.
  • Gives rise to relevant cultural and social movements: Without the mass media, the counterculture groups would not have been able to make their thoughts known and society would not be the same without the revolutions they brought.
  • Leads to institutional change: Communication between citizens and leaders is vital in any society that seeks to promote equality and respect; Without it, no structural change is possible.
  • Generate awareness and knowledge: By being informed, we can understand the world around us and exercise our critical thinking skills.

Impact of communication on mental health and relationships

Surely you have heard that effective communication is key to personal well-being and relationships with others. After all, “talking makes people understand”, but to what extent do we put this into practice in our own lives?

According to a Pumble survey, 86% of company members think that the lack of assertive communication is the main cause of labor conflicts. On the contrary, it is estimated that those teams that manage to establish an effective and clear communication channel are 25% more productive than those that do not.

But communication is not only essential in the workplace, but also in our relationship with others and even with ourselves. On the one hand, many studies, including one carried out by the Columbia Universitydemonstrate that communication, and the ability to stay “connected”, greatly improves our mental health and allows intervention in crisis situations.

On the other hand, we must not forget that, with the rise of social networks, it is increasingly easier to communicate with people we would not be able to meet otherwise. While this is one of the great advantages of globalization, it is also good to remember that a genuine, face-to-face connection is equally if not more important.

Training leaders in communication at Anáhuac Querétaro

As we saw, knowing how to communicate is not a luxury, it is a vital necessity for success in any field in which we work. That is why the Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Anáhuac Querétaro It seeks precisely to convey the value of communication and debunk the old myth that communication scientists can only be in front of a camera.

In reality, you can have a very successful career in such diverse media, such as journalism, business communication, advertising and marketing, audiovisual and film production, among many more.

Finally, if you decide to study this career, your field will have no real end, because in every place where a communication expert is required, you can be there.

If you have already thought about it and know that this is your passion, then start by getting to know the Anáhuac Querétaro University and its Bachelor of Communication program. Our educational model 2025 is specially designed to provide each student with the strategic tools to stand out in the workplace, not only as excellent professionals, but also as leaders with vision and integrity.

Communicate what you are worth to the world and study at Anáhuac Querétaro.


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