The striking role of the economist in the modern world The striking role of the economist in the modern world

Luc Williams

We live in a world in which almost everything translates into commercial transactions, which is why the role of the economist stands out as one of the most important professions for preserve the well-being of society. Simply put, money and those who understand it make the world go round.

He study of economics allows access to this knowledge and propose solutions for economic challenges of tomorrowtaking into account the learnings of the past.

In this panorama it is that the Anáhuac Querétaro University actively seeks to promote the role of economist as a positive change agent, which can contribute to the full development of society. If you still don't know our Bachelor's program in Economicsfind out here and be surprised at the impact that a single career can have for the future.

The multifaceted nature of the economy

The economy is part of every area of ​​our life and, therefore, its field of study at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro covers the following areas:

  • Financial and monetary economy: this branch studies financial systems through market analysis and its main movements, such as interest rates, inflation and credit. Through this, both the macroeconomic behavior of large entities, as well as that of banking institutions and individuals, is studied.
  • Analysis of data: Consists of the data collection and studyin order to obtain value interpretations that serve companies or institutions in their decision making.
  • Environmental and sustainable economy: analyzes both the economic value of natural resources, such as the impact of human activities on the environment. Its main purpose is to determine how better manage available resources for the future.
  • International economy: focuses on economic interactions between various countries, for example, commercial transactions. One of the most important phenomena that he studies is globalization and its effects on the economic development of each country.
  • Health economics: has the objective of provide efficient health service and effective through the management of available resources. Due to its approach, this branch usually focuses on microeconomic aspects, such as the level of well-being of a specific population and its health conditions.
  • Market intelligence: consists of the analysis of market trends that pertain to a specific industry, such as competitor actions and audience behavior.

Successful performance in each of these areas of the Bachelor of Economics requires certain vital skills professional and personal, of which these are the main ones:

  • Aptitudes math
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis capacity with social approach
  • Effective management of risk
  • Excellent verbal and written expression

From study to action

The role of the economist who graduates from the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro is characterized by his versatility and interdisciplinarity to attend life problems in society.

Although it is common to think of an economist as someone dedicated solely to the financial sector, their field of work is broader and involves many other industries. For example, in the public sectoreconomists are essential to analyze how effective the public politics in providing social welfare and how they can be improved.

Also, the role of the economist in the private sector is essential to provide expert knowledge about the resource management capital, human and material. Likewise, the Nonprofit organizations around the world benefit from the work of economists who provide their skills to identify risky economic situations and propose best action plans to alleviate vulnerable causes.

In general, all this indicates the ability of the economist to function easily and successfully in different areas and explains why it is such a career. vital for the development of a more sustainable future economically and socially.

Bachelor's Degree in Economics at the Anáhuac Querétaro University

If you are considering studying the Bachelor's degree in economicsit is important that you consider entering a university that prepares you for the current technological challenges and that allows you to develop the tools to transform your reality day by day. In the Anáhuac Querétaro Universitywe believe that this is the key that will make you stand out in a highly competitive and changing environment.

Our Curriculum is designed to be at the international forefront of university training, so you will be able to participate in academic exchanges without any problem in countries like Germany, the United States and Holland.

Additionally, our commitment is to guide you on your path to becoming a positive action leader through classes in which you will develop your sense of entrepreneurship and social responsability.

You are one step away from achieving it

There is no doubt that all these competitive advantages of the Anáhuac Querétaro University will be decisive in your training as an economist capable of causing impact in your enviroment. Therefore, we are passionate about providing you with all the resources necessary to safely navigate this path and perform. the role of the economist that Mexico needs.

We know that with your innate skills and the tools you develop here, you will be unstoppable. Do not doubt contact us if you have questions and continue exploring our study plan.

We are ready to receive you, are you ready to change the world?


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