The “wrong procedure” that the UNP talks about that led to Colonel Élmer Fernández not having escorts

Luc Williams

Given the fatal outcome of Colonel Fernández, the director of the National Protection Unit (UNP), Augusto Rodríguez, explained in space the reason why the official did not have bodyguards. According to him, everything happened due to a “wrong procedure.”

According to Rodríguez, the UNP “could have been able to provide him with protection at the time.” However, he stated that “a wrong procedure on the part of Inpec and the colonel himself” They prevented the relevant security scheme from being assigned, taking into account that he was the director of one of the most important prison centers in the country.

Faced with the aforementioned procedural error, the director of the UNP explained: “The National Protection Unit was not directly used for the request, but rather the process was carried out through Inpec itself.”

Along these lines, he noted that, due to its internal procedures, “Inpec delayed presenting it to the National Protection Unit.” According to Rodríguez, there was no need to do it through said institution, but he could have done it directly, attaching the complaint filed with the Prosecutor's Office after he received threats from alias 'Pedro Pluma'.

“The entire country and the UNP know that there is an imminent situation related to any type of threat that comes from a prison. It had already happened in the city of Tuluá, criminals who were imprisoned threatened the municipal authorities and the councilors, and ended up murdering two of them. So, there was an alert situation that we are ready to attend to, but, unfortunately, We did not know the specific situation of Colonel Fernández”, he commented.

Regarding the imminence mentioned by the director of the UNP, he highlighted that it is a key element, since from this the route to be taken is determined to guarantee the protection of the applicant, that is, whether an emergency procedure or one will be chosen. Ordinary.

“In this case it was, obviously, an emergency procedure because the imminence was already known. This procedure implies that the person who is at risk is protected in a matter of hours“, rounded Augusto Rodríguez in the space of


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