There is a government move regarding Intel. What’s next for the factory?

Luc Williams

– We are consistently implementing a process that will result in one of the largest foreign investments in Poland related to key technologies – assures Dariusz Standerski, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Digitization.

When will the notification itself be sent, which will actually start the EU machine?

This is a response to the publication of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. On Monday, we revealed that the government has not yet sent the European Commission a notification, i.e. an application for consent to transfer approximately PLN 6 billion of public aid to Intel. The American giant is to build a Semiconductor Integration and Testing Plant near Wrocław worth a total of approximately PLN 20 billion. The investment, according to unofficial announcements, had a chance to start in the first quarter of 2024, but it is already known that this date is not realistic. This would be possible if the notification reached Brussels by the end of December. Mateusz Morawiecki’s government did not manage to complete these formalities, and – as we have heard from government sources – the current cabinet wants to renegotiate the contract with Intel so that it adds more money to the development of Polish science.

Today, the Ministry of Digital Affairs announced that the formalities have started.

– We have submitted a pre-notification application to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding our intention to grant state aid – says Dariusz Standerski. Pre-notification is a procedure in matters relating to state aid. As the ministry’s press service explains: “In the case of aid for Intel (individual aid), the pre-notification procedure will be conducted between Poland, the European Commission and Intel. During this time, the parties to the proceedings have the opportunity to informally and confidentially discuss the legal and economic aspects of the aid project.

According to the ministry’s interpretation, in the course of such proceedings, Poland can count on informal guidance regarding the proposed aid project. This improves the preparation of the subsequent application for notification and shortens the duration of the aid notification itself.

When will the notification itself be sent, which will actually start the EU machine? The Ministry of Digital Affairs still does not answer this question.


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