They release into the air what the congressmen “fear” in the midst of Olmedo López's confession about theft of $380,000 million

Luc Williams

There is no doubt that Olmedo López, former director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD), is the most important witness in the midst of the serious corruption scandal that currently affects the Government of President Gustavo Petro.

Likewise, The former official decided to break the silence a few days ago and spoke exclusively with where he narrated details of what was happening in the high spheres of national politics. Likewise, he confessed that there was a “conclave” that made the plans, made the decisions and gave him orders.

López's interview, as expected, quickly provoked all kinds of comments and reactions in the country. One of the first to speak out regarding the revelations made by the former official was Senator Jota Pe Hernández, who was in Vicky in .

The man from Santander stated that it is time to stop the debates in the Senate and took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to reveal that what the congressmen fear most is that the votes they make in the different sessions will be disclosed.

“This Government talks about a change, but a change of thieves. Colombia needs a change, but a change in the way congressmen are elected. Today we see several legislators who have served many terms, where they have learned many tricks. Some things have to be rigorous in politics,” he initially indicated.

Then he declared: “I find it quite interesting to show how each congressman votes. As a senator I have to tell you that, if something scares congressmen, it is that they show them their votes. Many vote, but they want the citizens to know their votes. “It would be very good to show Colombia how they are voting in the midst of this scandal.”

Jota Pe finally emphasized that it seemed that the congressmen did not care that the country found out that 380,000 million pesos were stolen from the UNGRD.

It must be remembered that Olmedo López has repeatedly emphasized that he has evidence of what happened within the entity and that the country will know who the people are who are involved in this corruption network.


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