This is how the governor of Antioquia reacted to a deputy’s proposal for President Gustavo Petro to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Luc Williams

Rasmus Hansson, one of three Green Party deputies in the Norwegian Parliament, nominated President Gustavo Petro Urrego for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. “He shows in practice that dialogue with armed actors can be an effective means to resolve conflicts and reduce violence,” said Hansson, maintaining that “Petro promotes a creative, modern and comprehensive peace policy.”

The head of state thanked the nomination and indicated that he will continue working for peace. “I thank Rasmus Hansson for nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize. We will continue with everything we have for the peace of Colombia,” said President Petro on his account. Deputy Hansson is a biologist and chemist from the University of Oslo, specializing in business administration and international politics at La Trobe University in Melbourne (Australia).

He has served as a senior official in the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment, has held positions at different levels in the Norwegian Polar Institute and was also general secretary of the non-governmental organization WWF Norway, between 2000 and 2012. Since 2021, he has been vice president of the Party’s steering committee. Norwegian Green.

In dialogue with , the governor of Antioquia, Andrés Julián Rendón, was consulted on the matter. “Very curious. For me, peace is the rule of law in every corner of the country. Peace is not negotiated by temporizing with criminals, as is the purpose of what is poorly known as ‘total peace’, but peace is imposed with security and justice throughout the national territory and, well, let’s say that in that we distance ourselves “Much of what is the purpose and the assessments and permanent actions of the Government, because in the regions of Colombia there is unrest, because in many places today there are situations of insecurity as or more hazardous than those registered 20 years ago.”

“The Nobel Peace Prize should be given to those who make an effort to impose that democratic value with security and justice,” added the governor, who recalled that, contrary to peace intentions, President Gustavo Petro has proceeded against his department, supposedly retaliation for the non-support of that region of the country with the head of state.

Then, the governor of Antioquia recalled, the National Health Superintendence ordered at that time the immediate taking possession of assets, assets and businesses and the forced administrative intervention of the EPS Savia Salud, after demonstrating, as reported on that occasion, “serious and repeated failures in the care of its more than 1.6 million users and in the management of public resources of the health system.” The issue is that now the EPS, in the hands of the Petro Government, is worse, according to a congressman from the Democratic Center who filed a lawsuit to reverse the Supersalud decision..

Finally, the leader of the Antioquians recalled, President Petro objected to the expansion of highways that are essential for the department, an argument that only favors the rich. “Someone will say, or I read it in the press, that 6,000 million dollars – what it would cost to buy 3 million hectares to give them to the Colombian rural residents, as agreed in the peace agreements – is a lot of money to give to the peasants. . But they do go and waste a little money on some 4G highways that only serve to import products from the ports to kill national production in the big cities of Colombia. There, if it is not expensive, It is not expensive, because Those who travel on these highways are the tractor-trailers, loaded with the merchandise of the owners of big capital in Colombia.“said President Petro.

Of all the Nobel Prizes, only the Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway. The rest are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden.


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