This would be the true objective of President Petro and the threat to a Constituent Assembly in Colombia

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro surprised all Colombians last week and issued a strong warning from Puerto Resistencia, in the center of Cali, emphasizing that if the social reforms are not approved in the Congress of the Republic, he will convene a National Constituent Assembly.

These statements, as expected, caused a great stir in the country and several opposition leaders strongly questioned the head of state. One of the first to speak out was Miguel Uribe Turbay, senator from the Democratic Center.

The congressman spoke exclusively this Monday, March 18, with Vicky in SEMANA, where he pointed out that the true objective of the Colombian president, according to him, is to distract citizens from the failure that has been, until now, his mandate.

“It is important to highlight, I think, “that Gustavo Petro is launching the need for a constituent assembly as a way to distract attention and have a government agenda in the face of the failure of total peace, the scandals and the absence of achievements and results,” initially indicated.

Then, he specified: “The next years of government will surely be exclusively political activity. It's something that Petro has been looking for for a long time. The Constituent Assembly is one more deception, since Petro swore and signed on a marble, literally, that he would not do it. “He is a liar, driven by deep personal ambition.”

Uribe Trubay finally pointed out in this medium that, through this mechanism, President Petro is indeed seeking re-election, despite the fact that he has denied it on repeated occasions.

Petro says he will not stay in power

Regarding the uncertainty generated in the country by the controversial proposal he launched last Friday, the President of the Republic insisted on providing clarity about his initiative, which has generated confusion. The head of state assured in X's personal account that he does not seek to “perpetuate himself in power,” nor change the 1991 Constitution.

Petro ruled that said Magna Carta could not resolve several fundamental problems, which are holding back Colombian society. Likewise, he stressed that it is the people themselves who try to solve them.

“The constituent process called is neither to change the Constitution of 91 nor to perpetuate myself in power. In the more than three decades that have passed since 1991, the powers constituted by the constituent of '91 have not been able to resolve several fundamental problems that hold back Colombian society and that is why the constituent, that is, the people, must begin to resolve them.posted the man from Córdoba.


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