Transformation funds not for small operators

Luc Williams

Tens of billions of zlotys will flow in the form of subsidies for investments in power networks in the coming years. The call for applications has already started. In the last two years, several competitions for co-financing investments in power networks were announced. In practice, these were competitions addressed to the big five energy distributors, who were awarded almost half a billion zlotys. Although there are still over 200 network operators in Poland with a much smaller range, they cannot count on subsidies. Everything is ruined by one entry that is repeated in many programs.

Network co-financing from the Modernization Fund

The main source of money for the transformation of the energy sector is the Modernization Fund, supported by proceeds from the sale of 4.5%. the EU pool of carbon dioxide emission allowances. The operator of these funds is the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, which coordinates support programs with the European Investment Bank.

Among the approved programs, three concern investments in power networks: “Support for the use of storage facilities and other devices for network stabilization purposes”, “Development of power infrastructure for the development of electric vehicle charging stations” and “Electric power engineering – Intelligent energy infrastructure”. For energy storage and the development of networks for charging stations, the subsidy was set at 60%, 50%. – for the purchase of smart meters and 100 percent for activities related to their installation.

The total budget of these programs is PLN 3 billion, of which PLN 497 million has been allocated so far.

As part of the admission criteria in the three programs financed from the Modernization Fund, it was noted that the applicant only conducts activities involving the distribution of electricity and, in accordance with the energy law, is subject to a ban on the production, production and trading of energy (Article 9d(1h)). This means that recruitment is limited only to entities serving over 100,000 people. recipients. As a result, only the main energy distribution network operators became the beneficiaries.

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