Ukrainians focus on developing their own businesses in Poland. What industries do they choose most often?

Luc Williams

In 2023, approximately 28.6 thousand were created. Ukrainian active sole proprietorships (JDG), i.e. 1.8 times more than in the entire 2022. In 2023, almost every tenth new company in Poland was established by a citizen from Ukraine – wrote the Institute in the latest PIE Economic Weekly.

Ukrainian women are more active than Polish women

According to the Institute, Ukrainians lead 72 percent. active activities registered in Poland by foreigners. Participation Ukrainian businesses run by women is approximately 38 percent In 2022, share active JDGs run by Ukrainian women was 41 percent, and in 2023 it was already 37 percent. This is still more than the share of businesses started by Polish women (34%), it was written. According to the institute, after the outbreak of the war, in March 2022, 110 companies founded by Ukrainian women started business operations in Poland, and the next month this number increased to 345 companies.

The industry depends on gender

Ukrainian enterprises they operate primarily in the following industries: construction (24 percent), information and communication (18%) and other service activities (14%). “Business activities started by Ukrainian men vary industry structure from companies founded by women. Men mainly start businesses related to construction (36%), information and communication (21%), as well as transport and warehousing and industrial processing (10% each). Women citizens of Ukraine“They most often run a business related to other service activities (32%), information and communication (12%), as well as trade and administrative services and support activities (10% each),” PIE reported.

Full-time job or your own company?

As indicated, establishing a company in Poland It is an alternative to many Ukrainians full-time job. As the data shows ZUSat the end of January 2024, the number Ukrainian citizens registered for insurance amounted to almost 756 thousand people, of which approx. 731 thousand these are people working full-time and on a contract basis contract of mandate or agency agreement.

“Owning your own business gives you the opportunity to obtain more financial resources to support yourself and your family. More often work consistent with qualifications and skills. In Polish companies, Ukrainians are most often employed for simple work, which is associated with lower wages. A significant number of companies opened in Poland are a continuation of the activities carried out before the war in Ukraine. The idea for other companies arose during my stay in Poland, meeting the needs of Polish citizens, but also very often of Ukrainian war refugees,” wrote the Institute.

It benefits everyone

It was stated that the activities carried out by Ukrainian citizens fall within the scope of: needs of the Polish economy and partially fill the gaps, as evidenced by the participation of construction companies, information and communication companies, and TSL. “More than half (61%) Polish entrepreneurs are not afraid of competition from companies run by Ukrainians in Poland, according to the report +Barometer of the Polish labor market+. Ukrainians, working in Poland full-time or running their own businesses, contribute to this Poland’s economic growth“- emphasizes PIE.

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