Vietnamese entrepreneurs: The fire on Marywilska Street means great losses for merchants

Luc Williams

It exploded on Sunday morning fire in the shopping complex at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. Rescue operations are carried out by 50 units, including: Chemical and Ecological Rescue Group. According to the fire brigade, the fire is being extinguished and no one was injured.

The workplaces of Vietnamese entrepreneurs burned down

The fire was reported on Facebook Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs. “The Marywilska 44 shopping center where he runs his business is on fire thousands of Vietnamese and Polish merchants. A terrible tragedy for thousands of merchants and their families. A fire causes great financial losses for merchants loss of source maintained for a long period. As an organization, we are monitoring the development of the situation,” the association said.

The next entry stated that Association of Vietnamese in Poland, Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland and other Vietnamese organizations they meet on Sunday at 20, by determine possibilities of help for the injured.

As Karol Hoang, spokesman for the Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland, told PAP: As a result of the fire, “almost the entire hall was destroyed”. “There are 1,400 shops on Marywilska Street, with small, family businesses dominating, so we estimate the number of injured people in thousands. There are Poles, Vietnamese and Turks there, as well as a multinational community,” he noted.

Replacement jobs for the duration of the hall's reconstruction

Hoang added that the Association will strive to achieve this over time rebuilding the hall injured tenants were provided alternative workplace. “We will also announce social collection to support the most needy families. At the same time, we are in contact with the management board of Marywilska 44 regarding further actions. Today we have the company's declaration that they will want to rebuild the hall“- he noted.

Officials responded to the crisis

Ministry of Interior and Administration announced on the Currently, there is a staff on site with the participation of the State Fire Service Commander, Brig. Mariusz Feltynowski.

Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the capital city hall told PAP that the city is kept informed about the situation. “The capital's security center is constantly in contact with the services. We are ready if any support is needed,” she emphasized.

Asked about helping merchants, she replied that “it will be necessary”. “The first task is to secure the area, extinguish the fire, and from tomorrow we will hold meetings and discuss how the city can support merchants,” she added.

Government Security Center issued a warning on Sunday morning in connection with the fire at the shopping center at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. It called for closing windows.

Marywilska 44 is the largest shopping center in Warsaw, which specializes in wholesale and retail trade. The owner of the hall is Mirbud SA, a listed company, which in 2010 was joined by the subsidiary JHM Development – Marywilska 44 Sp. z o. o

As stated on the JHM Development website, the facility has over 1,400 shops and service points. (PAP)

authors: Karolina Kropiwiec, Daria Porycka


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