We know the winners of the 4th edition of the Huawei Startup Challenge

Luc Williams

The winner of the competition, which supports Polish startups with a positive impact, was the Institute of Technology Optimization with its design of an innovative hydroelectric power plant without a dam. Second place went to WindTak for improving the operation of wind turbines, and third place on the podium went to the startup Kuuler with its unusual cooling panel. W2H2 was chosen as the audience favorite.

This is the fourth edition of the Huawei Startup Challenge. The aim of the program, co-organized again by Startup Academy, was to select the most innovative solutions in the area of ​​efficient energy. Polish entrepreneurs presented their ideas. It was not only a competition for prizes, but also a way for young innovators to gain valuable contacts and global exposure. Every year, event participants have the opportunity to benefit from expert care and access to the knowledge and experience of renowned institutions and partner companies.

This year's winners have enormous development potential and present unconventional solutions using green energy. Institute of Technology Optimization developed a groundbreaking Floating Hydroelectric Power Plant (PEW), which enables the conversion of the energy of a flowing river into electricity without the need for costly investments in the construction of a concrete dam and a reservoir, which minimizes the negative impact on the natural environment. Business WindYES won second place with its 5GVG system, which combined the efficiency and cost savings of operating existing wind turbines, increasing the turbine's annual production rate. Business Kuuler took the podium thanks to the creation of a radiative cooling panel that uses non-linear reflection of thermal radiation in the wavelength range corresponding to the atmospheric window. The solution enables the emission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which remove heat from surrounding objects.

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– I would like to congratulate the winners of the fourth edition of the Huawei Startup Challenge, which is of particular importance to us, as we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Huawei's presence in Poland. The winning startups – Energy Optimization Institute, WindTak and Kuuler – demonstrated exceptional innovation and ingenuity in the area of ​​green energy. Their success is not accidental – it is the result of hard work and unwavering commitment. All participants presented their projects
with great development potential, which may be used on a large scale in the near future. Thanks to the growing interest, our venture has a chance to develop and grow every day. Thank you to everyone – members of the Chapter, partners andorganizations,who supported us this year and intend to support us in subsequent editions.said Ryszard Hordyński, director of strategy and communication at Huawei Polska.

All companies that faced the challenges posed by the competition jury presented revolutionary ideas based on green energy. They were not limited to introducing completely new, ecological solutions – they also included those that improved existing technologies. Some of them were based on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. Projects related to machine learning and artificial intelligence have also emerged.

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– Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants in the fourth edition of the competition, I am convinced that the future of the industry is in good hands. As an organization that has been supporting young entrepreneurs with passion and enthusiasm for years, we are proud of their achievements and creativity. It is an extremely inspiring experience to watch how they take up the challenge of building a better tomorrow –summarized Karolina Piotrowska, board member of Startup Academy.

Nomad Electric, a partner of the fourth edition of the event, presented an additional award for the best solution based on data science supporting the development and efficiency of the renewable energy sector. The WindTAK startup was recognized as the best in this field and, as a winner of the Nomad Electric Award, it received financial support and mentoring, which will allow it to continue working on professional solutions in the field of wind engineering – in particular on the operation of turbines and improving their energy efficiency. The precise analysis offered by the startup allows for the best use of both wind resources and the turbine's potential – the two most important factors generating profits for investors.

– I am very glad that in this competition we could get to know inspiring projects and their creators. We decided to award a special prize to a startup that combines engineering with technology, and this approach is very close to us. The WindTAK solution, based on their 5GVG system, improves the efficiency and reduces the costs of operating wind turbines thanks to aerodynamic improvements called vortexes, as well as the use of innovative measurement systems based on IoT devices and 5G wireless communication combined with cloud data processing. I am convinced that the future of the energy industry is modern technologies and data analysis. We know this from experience, because Nomad Electric not only builds and manages wind and PV farms, but also creates solutions that improve the efficiency of renewable energy installations, which are based on advanced data analytics – said Paweł Czaus, President of the Management Board of Nomad Electric.

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Guests invited to the Huawei Startup Challenge 4 gala also had the opportunity to recognize one of the startups with an audience award funded by Nextbike – a partner of the initiative. The distinction went to the project W2H2, which involves the use of a tight, insulated steel tank for the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon waste at a temperature of 850°C, eliminating the need for additional purification devices in the installation. This allows for continuous feeding of waste at a rate of 200 kg/hour. and obtaining syngas with a dominant composition containing over 50% hydrogen, confirmed by laboratory tests.

The honorary patrons of the competition were the Marshal of the Masovian Voivodeship Adam Struzik, Employers of Poland, the Teraz Polska Foundation and the Lewiatan Confederation, while the honorary partners were Nomad Electric, the TELCOLAB laboratory and Nextbike. The media patrons of the event are Wirtualna Polska, INNPoland, Mam Startup, Nowy Marketing, eGospodarka, ISBnews, ISBtech, Marketing i Biznes, BRIEF, Teraz Środowisko, Wysokie Nadziecie, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and GLOBEnergia.

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