“We unite or we get screwed”: the strong request to arrest President Gustavo Petro

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro has been more active than normal on his Twitter account in recent days. Furthermore, he assured last weekend that there could be a new social outbreak in Colombia if his social reforms are not approved.

Likewise, The Cordoba president announced some measures to expedite the release from prison of the members of the so-called first linewho were arrested, presumably, for the excesses that occurred in the protests against the government of Iván Duque.

Carolina Arbeláez, representative to the Chamber for Radical Change, did not hide her concern regarding these statements and expressed in Vicky en SEMANA that it is time to unite to stop the Colombian head of state, before it is too late.

“I believe that the president is scared because, without a doubt, there is evidence that proves it and all Colombians have demonstrated it. The thing is that the evidence is nothing more and nothing less than the testimony of his own son, the testimony of his own brother. “The president is scared, because he has no way to defend himself,” he explained.

Likewise, he added: “All the campaigns of previous presidents have been investigated, despite Petro coming out to say that they want to overthrow him. We need union. Either we unite or we get screwed. Today, as our country is, the only thing we have left is to unite around the institutions and the press.”

The congresswoman finally took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that the Colombian president has a clear plan, which consists of getting the front line out of jail and turning Colombia on again.

“The president is scared, because there is a lot of evidence against him. He has no way to defend himself. There is his son's testimony and there is no government that is executing. Petro has a plan, he wants to free the front line and pay the young people to be ready and light up the country. He has been warning about it in every speech,” he said.

Juan Pablo Gallo, senator of the Liberal Party, spoke exclusively with this Tuesday and pointed out that the “nonsense” that President Petro has come out with in recent days is very alarming, which is why he emphasized that it is time to choose which side. you want to be


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