What should you pay attention to when buying meat?

Luc Williams

“Only from proven and reliable suppliers,” emphasized Witold Choiński, president of the management board of the Polish Meat Association. “This is a fundamental condition to be sure that the product meets at least minimum safety standards for the consumer and has been subject to inspection by appropriate institutions responsible for food safety,” added Witold Choiński.

A 54-year-old man died on Saturday in Nowa Dęba. Two women were taken to hospital. Everyone had previously eaten pork jelly bought at the market.

That’s why the Polish Meat Association has prepared a short guide on what to pay attention to when shopping. Not only in bazaars. Firstly the source of meat is important, so it should be purchased only from reliable suppliers who comply with food safety standards. Secondlythere should be markings on the packaging confirming the veterinary inspection – identification numbers, certificates, quality marks. Thirdly, always make sure the meat is fresh and stored at the right temperature. You should also pay attention to the expiry date, and at markets and bazaars you should only shop from producers who have registered business and can document it.

To reach consumers, the Polish Meat Association has prepared “Meat – buy safely” campaign. Information on what to pay attention to when buying meat will be published on social media and on the website www.polskie-mieso.pl/zdrowa-porcja-wiedzy. “What is worth knowing to ensure safety for the health and life of consumers,” added Edyta Bach from the press office of the Polish Meat Association.

There will also be a portion of knowledge about the quality of animal breeding, Polish pork and poultry meat, as well as research results and opinions of experts from the meat industry.


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