What's next for the Green Deal? There is a comment from the Minister of Agriculture

Luc Williams

The minister noted that Prime Minister Tusk met a few days ago with representatives of protesting farmers and it was a long, four-hour meeting, and this conversation will be continued on Saturday. Siekierski added that it should be remembered, however, that the farmers' protests began in the fall and it was the farmers' response to the lack of action and omissions in the previous period.

“When it comes to the problem related to the Green Deal, in general we have led to significant limitations of the Green Deal,” Siekierski emphasized. He explained that it was about the use of pesticides, conditionality (eco-schemes) and not punishing farmers for unintentional mistakes. Fallow conditions have also been limited. There is a request to waive the obligation to fallow this year, and next year to transfer this obligation to voluntary activities within eco-schemes, for which farmers would be paid. In addition, we propose a review of the Green Deal this year,” said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

He also referred to the liberalization of EU-Ukraine trade, which was previously agreed to by the Polish government and is to be extended for another period from June 2024 to June 2025. “We have introduced certain restrictions in the field of sensitive goods. This is being carried out now. at the level of the European Parliament and at the level of the EU Council,” Siekierski said.

“At the same time, we are conducting bilateral negotiations with Ukraine because we want to reach a bilateral agreement where we will establish trade conditions and quotas, i.e. those that will have to be accepted by both Ukraine and Poland,” the minister added. “It's easy to talk about closing the border, but what do you say to milk producers if such a significant part of dairy products is exported to Ukraine?” – He was asking.

“Talks with farmers were going well until politicians entered the talks. You politicized the farmers' protests, you cannot do that,” Siekierski summed up his statement.

On Wednesday, farmers protest in Warsaw. They gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office and then walk through the streets of the capital to the Sejm. In addition to farmers, the demonstration also includes, among others: trade unionists from “Solidarity”.

Farmers' demands include: the need to simplify and reduce the requirements of the Green Deal; reducing the inflow of agri-food products from Ukraine and improving the profitability of agricultural production.


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