Will AI Replace Us? Exploring the Future of Work Will AI Replace Us? Exploring the Future of Work

Luc Williams

Artificial intelligence (AI) has not left anyone indifferent. From recent graduates to veterans, you've probably heard hundreds of opinions about How AI will affect the careers of the future and, in particular, entry into the labor field.

The curiosity is evident: in less than a year, the number of searches of the acronym “AI” (AI in English), tripled from 7.9 million monthly searches in June 2022 to 30.4 million in March 2023.

This year is a good time to analyze how Artificial intelligence will transform work and educationand how we can adapt to it and enrich our own skills. Below, you can learn about the opportunities and challenges that this technology presents for pre-university students like you and how you can prepare for a increasingly technological vocational training.

The impact of AI on the careers of the future

If the news and social networks tell us anything, it is that the artificial intelligence has come to transform every area of ​​our livesamong them, work.

The development of artificial intelligence means that many jobs will be affected and could even disappear. But many also defend that AI will generate many more job opportunities related to the maintenance and programming of this technology, such as Raul Sanchezdirector of Randstad Technologies.

Far from discouraging young professionals, many experts propose that it is not about wondering where there will be work, but about how you can train in your same profession and Take advantage of opportunities generated by AI. According to World Economic Forumby 2025, the robotic revolution will have created 97 million new jobs.

Most of these career opportunities of the future have to do with understanding the logic of AI and ensuring it works properly and effectively. Therefore, if you are looking to immerse yourself in this world, be sure to develop both professional and personal skills how are you:

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Mathematical logical reasoning
  • Excellent handling of “natural language” and fast translation
  • “Soft” skills, such as emotional intelligence, resilience and adaptability

Preparing students for a world with AI

Given all these changes, the careers of the future will have to transform to keep up with the demands of today's work.

Many educators are aware of this and have implemented artificial intelligence tools in the classroom to offer personalized learning according to the needs of each student.

In addition, many tools that work with artificial intelligence also provide you with enormous benefits as a student. The following are some of the platforms that will enrich your academic skills and you will return more efficient and productive study:

  • Advanced information search: Research is one of the most frequent and even tedious activities in academic life. Luckily, smart search engines will streamline and guide your research and learning process.
  • Resolution of doubts: tools like GPT Chat will resolve your doubts and accompany you during the long hours of study.
  • Information analysis: AI can also collect and interpret thousands of pieces of data efficiently.
  • Creative tasks: Its speed also allows us to save time on mechanical tasks that we can dedicate to cultivating our creative skills.

Anáhuac Querétaro: forming leaders in the technological era

By studying at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, you will access programs such as IBM Academic Initiative Program, which will allow you to receive courses, training and technical support from this important company. For example, the program artificial intelligence IBM Watsonwhich works through natural language and machine learning, and provides information from data analysis.

Likewise, you can use technological application platforms such as: IBM Cloud, cloud storage; the portfolio of IBM data science; IBM Security, data protection and security; IBM Quantum Experiencequantum computing, and many other platforms.

As if that were not enough, you can also take advantage of platforms Educative technology from Amazon, like AWS Educate, AWS Academy, AWS Activate and AWS Cloud Credits for Research.

At Anáhuac Querétaro, we are committed to preparing you for the races of the future, which is why we offer a diploma in artificial intelligence. Thus, you will have the opportunity to apply artificial intelligence models and algorithms with a practical focus on the Python programming language, an AI standard.

Choose a smart future

At Anáhuac Querétaro, we are aware that comprehensive training must always be at the forefront of technology. Therefore, our students have the tools and knowledge necessary for stand out in the world of emerging technologies.

Although the emergence of artificial intelligence at work can generate uncertainty, remember that we are committed to your professional success. We are confident that by accessing all of these opportunities, you will go further than you imagine.

If you are ready to exploit your full potential, do not hesitate to explore our Educative offer and discover why we are your shortcut to the innovation of the future.


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