Will Germans have a problem with Christmas shopping? Verdi calls for a strike in Lidl and Kaufland

Luc Williams

According to a Verdi spokesman, strikes have been announced throughout Germany in several hundred plants of the Schwarz group, which owns both chains, but warning strikes may also take place in other companies. Employees of Edeka and Rewe supermarkets have already protested in previous weeks.

The protest action occasionally resulted in empty shelves

So far, the industrial action has occasionally resulted in empty shelves, but in most cases there have been no store closures. Steven Haarke, head of collective bargaining at the German Trade Association (HDE), does not expect the strike to have a significant impact on customers. “Trading companies have proven in recent months that they cope well with strikes,” he said. The industry prepared well for Easter and already before Christmas proved that it can cope with strikes, he added.

The Thursday before the long Easter weekend is a particularly important day for retailers, writes Tagesschau. HDE expects sales of EUR 2.2 billion throughout the Easter period.

Collective bargaining for about 5 million retail workers has made no progress for months. Even numerous warning strikes were unable to change this stalemate situation. Verdi demands, among other things, an increase in wages of at least EUR 2.5 per hour.

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