Will we have a government representative for energy transformation? Business supports the idea

Luc Williams

In a position paper delivered to PAP on Tuesday, the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs (FPP) estimates that without proper coordination to ensure coherence of activities and investments, hundreds of billions of zlotys spent on the energy transformation by the end of this decade may be wasted. Therefore, as the organization points out, after conducting extensive consultations with the investor and contractor community and analyzing European ways of conducting the energy transformation process, the Federation proposes the appointment of a Government Plenipotentiary for investments related to the Energy Transformation.

EU funds create a historic opportunity to carry out the energy transformation

As FPP points out, the unlocked EU funds create a historic opportunity to carry out the energy transformation in Poland, necessary to maintain the competitiveness of the economy, but even the largest projects will not be effective without appropriate coordination, and specific investments, e.g. in renewable energy, will not realize their potential if they are not will be part of a broader system, including, among others: transmission networks and energy storage. The Federation points out that currently competences in the planning and implementation of energy transformation projects are located in at least six ministries, which makes proper coordination necessary.

Certain investments in energy efficiency or new energy sources must be part of a broader ecosystem in the economic dimension to demonstrate sustainable profitability, the organization argues. He adds that this cannot be guaranteed in conditions of dispersed and uncoordinated planning. At the same time, he points out that the energy transformation process in Poland is managed by a number of different institutions: the ministry of climate, funds, MAP, the ministry of infrastructure, and the newly established Ministry of Industry.

We need to reduce the dispersion of competences

In the organization’s assessment, there is a risk that in conditions of such competence dispersion, the full potential of funds allocated for transformation will be used. This problem must be solved before the projects enter the phase of actual implementation and possible adjustment changes start to generate serious costs – emphasizes FPP. According to its representatives, it is necessary to ensure coordination of activities at the appropriate administrative level.

As the organization reminds, the estimated costs of transformation are approximately PLN 600 billion in the horizon until 2030. Meanwhile, funds from the RePowerEU program have already been unblocked, and the way to use the remaining funds under the National Reconstruction Plan is also opening. Funds from the multiannual EU budget will also be available, he adds.

According to the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs, the organization brings together 32,000 companies. entrepreneurs employing 2 million employees. He is also a member of the Social Dialogue Council.


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