Where To Find Examples Of Dissertation Proposals That Work

If you don’t have an idea of how to write a dissertation proposal, don’t get upset. There are plenty of places both online and offline where you can easily find some useful examples.

  1. Reliable online resources.
  2. These resources are college, university, or writing center websites. Usually, it is easy to get a lot of examples online, but you must ensure that they are good ones because using a poor template can affect the quality of your proposal. Therefore, the aforementioned sites are the best variants because they provide reliable materials. Writing centers offer a variety of writing help for the students that includes consultations, tutoring, and revising.

  3. Custom writing services.
  4. If you are not sure that you can prepare a good dissertation proposal, professional writing companies are always ready to do your assignment for you. Generally, they work 24 hours a day, so you can make an order anytime. This will certainly solve your difficulties, but you will also lose an opportunity to obtain valuable experience. Additionally, you should be careful not to lose your money by hiring a fake company.

  5. The library of your educational institution.
  6. The Internet is not the only place where you can look for paper templates. Go to the library to view former students’ proposals or even dissertations. This way, you can get an excellent example that meets all the requirements, since it was written by a student from your college or university. Note that every institution has its own policy, so you may not be allowed to take them home.

  7. Your college or university.
  8. Your instructor probably has some proposals of his or her previous students, or at least should explain how to write it. Moreover, he or she must help you in your paper writing – from the topic choice to the dissertation defense. However, don’t expect that he or she will revise every single page of your work or will be available whenever you like.

  9. Your environment.
  10. Your friends and acquaintances have probably had the same problems as you do. If they have written dissertations before, you can ask them to share their proposals with you. They may be able to recommend places to find samples. Your classmates can also help you if you are willing to cooperate with them.

  11. Online research databases.
  12. They have a large number of different research papers, but you need to pay a fee to get access to them. However, you can be sure that the dissertations you find there are written by professionals.