Education, the best gift for children in their day: 60% of 10-year-old students do not know how to read

Luc Williams

Next April 27th, Children's Day is celebrated in Colombia. Experts explain the importance of education for a successful life in the future.

A report published by Niñez Ya, in which 200 organizations participated, revealed the situation of children in the country. Among the data, they show that Since 2021, the investment budget in the quality of initial, preschool, basic and secondary education has been reduced by nearly one trillion pesos (64%), going from $1.6 trillion to $583 billion.

Private social organizations, such as ABC Prodein, have been key to continuing to instill values ​​in low-income children and regarding Children's Day, which is celebrated in Colombia this April 27, the message from its director, María Esther Tellez, “You don't have to give the new generations fish, but you have to teach them how to fish”.

According to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), 18% of the child population is poor and that is where the social institutions that are working for the future of these children take value.

ABC Prodein began to have a presence in Colombia since 1994, developing its programs with vulnerable populations“, in a short time they realized the importance of education and that is why they created the Nuestra Señora La Esperanza School, a school where religious, ethical and moral values ​​are fundamental in the training of these children,” they highlight.

A school in the middle of war

The construction of the school occurred in the middle of a purchase of lots in the south of Bogotá, in the Santa Viviana neighborhood, in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, an area where at the time there were only paramilitaries.

“When we arrived at the Santa Viviana neighborhood, there was nothing, only paramilitaries and difficulties. We found a child hanging in a sack so that the rats wouldn't eat him. This was an invasion neighborhood, but we took on the task of buying the lots from the invaders to build the school.“, says with emotion María Esther, a missionary of Spanish nationality, who defines herself as Colombian at heart.

With the support of private companies and donors, construction of the school began in 1997 and in 1998, which is located in the south of Bogotá, The first lady of the nation, Nohora Puyana de Pastrana, was present there and the school was inaugurated.

We started with preschool, but the need made us see that this was a key place for children and the education of that population was a priority. We went up to ninth grade, but after a few years we were able to open up to 11″, recalls the director.

This is what most confirms the importance of instilling values ​​in childhood. This is the best gift we can give to children, beyond being able to support them with food or clothing. This is what motivates us and what makes us different as an institution. We want to continue receiving the support of Colombians to continue leaving our mark,” concludes Téllez.


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