Liberal senator told on air what President Petro told them in private to approve the pension reform

Luc Williams

On April 23, the pension reform led by the government of President Gustavo Petro was approved in the Senate of the Republic, after several months of intense debates. The initiative will now be discussed in the House of Representatives.

This announcement caused numerous reactions and questions in the country. One of the first to talk about this topic was Senator Alejandro Chacón, who spoke this Thursday, April 25, exclusively with

The congressman, who is part of the liberal caucus, stated that he does not feel that President Petro has deceived or scammed them into voting in favor of the project. He even revealed that he told them in a private meeting they had a few days ago that his intention has always been for the threshold to be 4 minimum wages.

“We did judicious and serious work on the reform. We made the points clear and that was the dialogue that was had with the president. That talk undoubtedly led to a decision being made in the Senate. There is a text already approved by the majorities of the Senate, that is a reality,” said Chacón.

Likewise, he added: The president always told us from the beginning that 4 is the threshold he wanted and the one he proposed in the campaign. He told us this in the meeting, while we talked about the need to lower the threshold for sustainability of the system. We ended up agreeing on 2.3 and that's what we left in the Senate. “We don't feel cheated.”

The liberal senator finally pointed out in this medium that they have to be responsible for the decisions that were made and that the Government, of course, did not like the things that were changed to the original text, emphasizing that the final decision rests with the Chamber. of Representatives.

Unlike Chacón, Congressman Juan Pablo Gallo, who is also part of the Liberal Party, pointed out that the head of state not only made a “rabbit” of his community, but also deceived all Colombians.

Finally, the senator stated: “What does surprise me is that it was so fast.. The thing is that it was in less than 24 hours, that is, the project had barely been approved and already at once. They did not even return to three minimum wages, but to four.”

It is worth mentioning that the initiative still needs two debates in the House. It is expected that the reform will be approved and become law of the Republic before June 20 of this year, the date on which the current legislative period in Congress ends.


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