Selecting the Best Writing Prompts for a Dissertation

Writing prompts are used by all kinds of writers, even those working on their dissertation. Yet the challenge is not using writing prompts, it’s deciding which are best for you. To help you with this process we have compiled the following information that should give you a great place to begin.

Consider prompts you’ve used in the past

If you have ever used writing prompts in the past, you may want to use ones that worked back then. When you use prompts that you are already familiar with, it can help to trigger more thoughts and ideas faster. One example is some people like to come up with a simple keyword such as “fire” and then begin writing down everything that comes to mind. Doing so will allow you to simply get your thoughts flowing at a good rate of speed.

Read other people’s ideas for choosing prompts

Another popular thing to do is conduct an Internet search for recent student dissertations. There are many universities who publish these to serve as examples for other students. Though it’s not in good taste to take their exact idea, it is best if you can formulate your own thesis, only using theirs as an example. What this means is one student may write a paper on sustainable energy and its effect on America, which in turn helps remind you of solar energy – one of your special interests.

Choose the right ones for you

The most important thing is choosing ones that are right for you. Doing so can be as simple as finding prompts that work well for your topic. However, this can also become difficult, as you will need a basic idea of topics you are willing to write about. If you have no preferences, this is going to make finding a topic even harder. On the other hand, determining your interests and then finding prompts that match them will be much easier.

Creating your own writing prompts

If you find it difficult to locate good writing prompts online, you can always create your own. You should begin by collecting ideas from various places like other people’s conversations, billboard signs, books, newspaper headlines, movie taglines, and so on. One way to get good at this is to train yourself to remain watchful for phrases and words that ignite your imagination. When you find such things be sure to write them down and keep them for future reference.