A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

The thing to remember is that these things are essentially the same at their core. They all have different word count requirements and maybe even different formats but on the most basic of levels they are all identical. They are all the putting together of information in order to prove a point or give information to the audience. Each of these kinds of papers, no matter the level, needs the same things.

What do you need?


At the core of any paper you must have information. Whether you are proving something, persuading someone or just stating facts, you must have the information necessary to do so. Information is the key to any kind of paper on any level or in any grade. Each year they get harder and more involved as the teachers expect more from you but they always need to contain accurate information. This is the foundation for any assignment like these.  

Points or facts

Every paper you do either contains points that you must make to prove your theory or make your argument, or facts about a specific topic, person, place or thing. No matter the paper or the topic, chances are you are either proving a point or stating facts. This is the basic support for any kind of essay or paper of any kind. They will be what your paper, thesis or dissertation stands on. They are much like pillars holding up a building.

Structure and organization

If you organize your thoughts, information, facts and points well enough than the paper will be able to stand on its own. Without a good structure and a good flow from one paragraph to the next the paper would just be a jumble of words that amount to almost nothing. Good organization will be the key to accurately proving your point or demonstrating your facts to be true. This is much like the walls that keep buildings upright and make them sturdy enough and balanced enough to be safe to live in. with good structure comes good papers.

No matter the kind of paper or what grade you are in, you will always need the basics. Some forget the most basic of things when writing. For example if you leave out any one of these three elements the paper will not be strong enough to stand on its own. If you have no structure, it is a mess, without information it is nothing and without points or facts it has no purpose. All elements must be included. Just because you are in a higher grade doesn’t mean you can forget what they taught in middle school about writing.