276 Inbalance grid electric car charging stations will be built near Stokrotka stores

Luc Williams

“276 charging points for electric vehicles are to be set up at Stokrotka stores throughout Poland, and 138 by the end of this year alone. These announcements are the result of a partnership agreement signed with Inbalance grid – a Lithuanian creator of intelligent solutions in the field of electromobility and at the same time the largest Baltic operator of electric vehicle charging stations,” we read in the release.

Stokrotka’s cooperation with Inbalance grid will strengthen the Polish electric vehicle ecosystem

Inbalance grid charging stations will be installed in Lublin, Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź and smaller cities and towns. Many of these places currently do not have this type of infrastructure. This is quite a change, because according to official data, the network of chargers in Poland is concentrated almost exclusively around the largest cities, it was emphasized.

Stokrotka’s cooperation with Inbalance grid will strengthen the Polish electric vehicle ecosystem and will be another important step in supporting the country in its transition to sustainable mobility. The agreement just signed may make Inbalance grid one of the five largest charging point operators in Poland, and Stokrotka itself – an important ambassador of electromobility, it added.

Inbalance grid is a Lithuanian developer of smart EV charging software, charging hardware designer and cloud-based charging point management platform. It is the largest grid operator in the Baltic countries and the second largest in Lithuania, overseeing the management of over 800 public and private charging points.

The Stokrotka chain was established in 1994 and currently has over 900 stores located throughout Poland. Since 2018, Stokrotka has been part of the Lithuanian trade group Maxima. The company has distribution centers, its own logistics facilities and a network of regional warehouses throughout Poland.


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