5 video games that inspire values ​​and solidarity

Luc Williams

Video games have always represented technological development of our time and, even, the possibility of new, more interactive personal training paths. Although many were not designed with the objective of providing specific learning, they have served to dismantle the myth that “there are no educational video games”.

Recently, the education sector has been interested in studying the capacity of video games to promote social skills, such as conflict resolution and human valuessuch as empathy and solidarity.

The real potential of educational video games

For years, there has been a myth that video games are only a source of entertainment and that they even promote negative behaviors. However, many investigations report the opposite: a recent study from the University of Glasgow pointed out that the skills of communication, ingenuity and adaptability of the students who played video games were older, than those of those who did not.

In general, the use of video games in the classroom is not as new as it seems. In fact, for years many teachers at different levels have included educational video games in their curricula and they even already exist. specialized courses in your application, such as teaching methods and academic and human training.

Five video games and their messages for humanity

With no dialogue or clear instructions, this game focuses on a traveler who must climb a mountain and recover a lost star. Along the way, this traveler will meet countless unknown characters who will help him follow his path and learn about the ruins of a lost civilization.

The game promotes collaborationself-reflection on emotions and, above all, human connection and the solidarity even among apparent strangers.

This farm life simulation game is not only about farming, but also about forming bonds with the other villagers, empathizing with their stories, and feeling a true sense of belonging. commitment to improving the community. Additionally, players develop inventiveness and farm resource management skills, making them more aware of what they have and encouraging gratitude and cooperation.

While attempting to climb a mountain, the protagonist, Madeleine, deals with her own mental health and embarks on a quest to know and understand herself. Players will meet other characters with their own struggles with which Madeleine will learn to live together and accept them for who they arejust as she will do with herself.

Friendship, conflict resolution and leadership are some of the human values ​​that the protagonist of this game will obtain on her journey home through different worlds, through space. He teamwork and selfless help They are, at the end of the day, what will allow the protagonist to fulfill her mission and finally return to a safe place.

On this boat trip, the mission of Stella, the protagonist, is to guide the spirit of the deceased on the path to the afterlife and accompany them with empathy and solidarity in his departure. Through the character of Stella, we can reflect on the important work of those who dedicate their lives to caring for and comforting those who need it most.

Furthermore, it reminds us of the importance of forming valuable and sincere relationships with other people until the end of our lives.

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Inspire and entertain

Without a doubt, video games will continue to be engines of passion and innovation for creators and players alike. Its potential to expand technological limits is as important as its potential to influence our society, through the transmission of essential human values.

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