A competition for the president and vice-presidents of KGHM was announced

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An announcement of competitions for the position of president and vice-presidents of KGHM Polska Miedź SA was published on the website of the Ministry of State Assets. Until February 28 at 12, applications for candidates for the positions of president and vice-presidents for: finance, development, production and corporate affairs will be accepted.

The qualification procedure will be two-stage

The company announced that on Tuesday the supervisory board of KGHM adopted resolutions to dismiss from the management board: the president of KGHM Tomasz Zdzikot, vice-president for finance Mateusz Wodejko and vice-president of the management board for corporate affairs Marek Pietrzak. It was added that the company’s supervisory board decided to delegate Zbigniew Bryja, a member of the board, to temporarily act as the president of the management board of KGHM Polska Miedź.

“A person who meets at least one of the following conditions cannot be a candidate for a member of the company’s management board: he/she serves as a social collaborator or is employed in the office of a deputy, senator, deputy-senator or office of a member of the European Parliament under an employment contract or works under an employment contract. based on a mandate contract or another contract of a similar nature; is a member of a body of a political party that represents the political party externally and is authorized to enter into obligations; is employed by a political party on the basis of an employment contract or performs work on the basis of a mandate contract or another contract of a similar nature; holds an elected position in a company trade union or company trade union organization of a company from a capital group; her social or commercial activity creates a conflict of interest with respect to the company’s activities,” the announcement said.

As stated, the qualification procedure will be two-stage – the first stage will include formal verification of applications and establishing a ranking list of candidates, based on which the supervisory board will select candidates qualified for the second stage, i.e. a job interview. The supervisory board will conduct job interviews with candidates on March 6, 2024 at the company’s headquarters in Lubin.

The KGHM Polska Miedź Capital Group is a world producer of refined copper and silver. The company conducts exploration, mining and metallurgy activities. The company has assets on three continents. It focuses on ore mining, production of copper and other non-ferrous metals. The State Treasury has 31.79 percent. company shares.

Author: Roman Skiba


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