Icetex opened scholarships for virtual master’s degrees in Colombia: this is how you can apply

Luc Williams

The commitment of the European University and Icetex to the expansion of Colombian talent is materialized in this agreement through which they will offer scholarships from up to he 100%, 80% and 60% for programs selected of master’s degrees virtual.

This call will be open from January 29 to March 11, 2024.

Requirements to apply

Application process

According to the European University, if you meet the requirements and all you need is to obtain admission to the university’s program, you must follow the following steps to participate for one of the scholarships.

  1. Pay to reserve your space or registration.
  2. Provide the admissions advisor with the required documentation.
  3. Tell your advisor that you want to apply for a scholarship.
  4. Complete the Icetex admission form that the university advisors will provide you.

What programs can you study with an Icetex- European University scholarship?

Master in Integrated Management Systems, Urban Planning, Logistics, Environmental Management, Security and health at workConstruction and Building, Renewable Energies, Industrial Organization, Clinical Neuropsychology, Nursing, Child Development, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), Neuroeducation, University Teaching, Psychopedagogy, Educational Innovation, Human Rights, Security and DefenseMaritime Law, Digital Marketing, Public administrationHuman Resources, Commercial Management, Business Administration (MBA), Project Management and Finance.

What are the evaluation and selection criteria for Icetex scholarships?

The selection criteria, according to the European University, are based on a score that includes the following factors:

  • Academic merit
  • Professional experience
  • Financial aspects

What is Icetex?

Icetex “is a State entity that promotes higher education through the granting of educational credits and their collection, with its own resources or those of third parties, to the population with fewer economic possibilities and good academic performance. Likewise, facilitates access to educational opportunities provided by the international community to raise the quality of life of Colombians and thus contribute to the economic and social development of the country.”

On the other hand, this entity started the year with “The Icetex Opportunities Fair, which began its national tour in 2024, seeks to reach more young people to accompany their life projects and that of their families. For this, This Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16, the appointment will be in Yopal, department of Casanare.”

There, students from the region will have the opportunity to learn about the relevant programs offered by more than 20 Higher Education Institutions in the region.


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