A fire broke out in the Marywilska shopping center. The Ministry of Interior and Administration convened a crisis team

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It exploded on Sunday morning fire in a shopping complex on Marywilska Street 44 in Warsaw. Rescue operations are carried out by 50 teamsincluding Chemical and Ecological Rescue Group. According to the fire brigade, currently The fire is being extinguishedno one was injured.

Crisis staff

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration announced on the X platform that thanks to the quick actions of the fire brigade, the fire was brought under control. The ministry emphasized that 58 firefighting vehicles and about 180 firefighters and Volunteer Fire Department crews took part in the action.

“Currently There is a staff meeting on site with the participation of the commanding officer, Brig. Mariusz Feltynowski” – informed the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Voivode and SCB notified

The ministry announced that it is in contact with the Masovian Voivode, Mariusz Frankowski, and the capital city of Warsaw.

Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the capital city hall, told PAP that the city is kept informed about the situation. “Capital security center is constantly in contact with the services. We are ready if any support is needed,” she emphasized.

Asked about helping merchants She replied that “it will be necessary”. “The first task is to secure the area, extinguish the fire, and… starting tomorrow, meetings and discussions on how the city can support merchants“- she added.

State Fire Service chemists analyze the air condition

PSP chemists they analyze the air condition, checking whether pollution poses a threat to the inhabitants of Warsaw. The entire hall burned down and the structure was completely destroyed – said the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Brigadier Mariusz Feltynowski, during the briefing. The fire spread quickly due to flammable materials accumulated inside, mainly textiles. The first fire brigades arrived on site 11 minutes after receiving the signal about the disaster. By then, the fire had already covered two thirds of the hall's surface.

Monitoring signal

According to information provided by the brig. Feltynowski shows that The fire brigade was notified about the fire by an automatic monitoring system installed in the hall.

“Such a rapid spread of fire is an unusual situation. We do not yet know what caused the fire. Experts will determine it. Perhaps the system cutting off individual zones in the hall did not workwhich was to prevent the fire from spreading,” said the commander.

He added that before the fire brigade was alerted, no one called the emergency number. According to PSP representatives, it is possible that witnesses observed the fire, thinking that someone had already notified the services.

RCB warning

Government Security Center released on Sunday morning fire warning shopping center at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. It called for closing windows.

Marywilska 44 is the largest shopping center in Warsaw, specializing in wholesale and retail trade.

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