Entrepreneurs from Marywilska lost everything. The Masovian Voivode announced help for tenants

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As announced by the voivode, further actions regarding the center at ul. Marywilska will be decided together with the city hall, and information on this subject will be provided on Monday or Tuesday.

Mariusz Frankowski he didn't rule it out activation of crisis measures in order to provide material assistance to the center's tenants. “This may be difficult due to the fact that the tenants are entrepreneurs. There is no appropriate procedure for this, which does not mean that it cannot occur,” he noted.

The fire was extinguished by over 240 firefighters and 99 vehicles

“Now the fire is localized. Over 240 firefighters took part in the incident, at the peak phase there were 99 combat vehicles, currently there are 79 of them. The situation is under control, but it is not safe inside, we are working all the time from the outside,” he said during a press conference of the Masovian Voivodeship Commander. PSP Senior Brig. Piotr Gąska.

“Due to fire stressesthat are there, we can't let people in. Overflow and partly demolition works are underway to extinguish these fires, they will probably take a while,” Gąska added.

RCB warning

Government Security Center released on Sunday morning fire warning shopping center at Marywilska 44 in Warsaw. It called for closing windows.

Marywilska 44 is the largest shopping center in Warsawwhich specializes in wholesale and retail trade. The owner of the hall is the listed company Mirbud SA, which in 2010 was joined by the subsidiary JHM Development – Marywilska 44 Sp. z o. o

As stated on the JHM Development website, the facility has over 1,400 shops and service points.

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