A new battle will soon begin for the women's television market in Poland

Luc Williams

Polish viewers have access to over 300 TV channels broadcast in Polish. Of this huge programming wealth, only three channels: TVN Style, TVP Woman and Polsat Cafe (i.e. one hundredth of the entire offer) are addressed directly to women. Additionally, their total share in market viewership is around 1%. Television for women in Poland is therefore, in every respect, a complete niche that simply begs for the offer to be expanded. Today, the Hungarian broadcaster TV2 is joining the fight for a female audience and wants to change the image of television addressed to women.

The viewership threshold for women's channels is so low that it has considerable growth potential. This is an opportunity for broadcasters who want to invest in this area. At the end of 2023, the most popular program was, according to the Wirtualne Media report, Polsat Cafe (over 0.4%). Behind it were: TVP Woman (over 0.3%) and TVN Style with a slightly lower result, which, however, won the competition in the so-called commercial group 16-49 (the most attractive for advertisers). On the one hand, the results of thematic channels are very low, and on the other hand, it is clear that women are more and more willing to appreciate the diverse offer dedicated to them. They not only dominate when watching breakfast television or numerous soap operas, but also as viewers of some news and sports programs. This means that the offer of programs attractive to them has a chance to constantly expand. This is despite the fact that the popularity of linear television is declining. However, on average, approximately 6 million viewers sit in front of TV sets in Poland every minute. So there is something to fight for, and the strength of thematic channels is to reach very specific groups of recipients, which is why they are attractive to advertisers.



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