Will shopping Sundays return permanently?

Luc Williams

Sunday trading ban – the nation is divided

In 2018, an act restricting trade on Sundays came into force, which made shopping on these days possible only occasionally, usually in the pre-holiday period. The purpose of introducing the ban was to strengthen social and family ties by providing all family members of trade workers with a common day off from work to rest. Although trade restrictions have many supporters, society is divided and there are also opponents who demand changes to the applicable regulations.

Research commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor indicates that just over one fifth of Poles would like stores to be open every Sunday, while a similar percentage is in favor of a complete ban. At the same time, according to UCE Research analysis, employees concerned about working on Sundays do not protest against working on the last day of the week, provided they receive appropriate remuneration.

Changes in current regulations

In response to the demands of opponents of the ban, a parliamentary draft amendment to the Act on restricting trade on Sundays and holidays was submitted to the Sejm. According to him trading on Sundays would be restored in two Sundays a month, specifically on the first and third Sunday of the month. At the same time, the changes are intended to guarantee employees double remuneration for work on Sundays and at least two days off on Sundays, as well as an additional day off during the week.


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