A yacht company, a car company, restaurants in the US: Piter Albeiro responds to the insinuations and reveals the “secret” of his fortune

Luc Williams

The comedian Alejandro Leiva, better known as Piter Albeiro, spoke with ''. He did it after the comedian decided to defend himself against the person who, on social networks, suggested that he became a millionaire due to illicit acts.

The comedian was the target of criticism on social networks, after comparisons made to him with Juan Guillermo Noreña Zapatabetter known in Colombian public opinion as 'Crazy car'. Both are comedians, both worked on 'Sábados Felices' and both have displayed their sumptuous real estate on social networks, especially their high-end vehicles. In the case of 'Carroloco', the authorities seized assets worth close to 10 billion pesos that were in the comedian's name.

As to Piter Albeiro, his assets are legal and that is why he announced legal actions against the person who pointed him out. Thus, a woman on the social network came to compare this case with that of Piter Albeiro, who has attested to how her wealth is legal. Therefore, after announcing that he would take legal action against her, he asked his followers to help him obtain her data., the comedian has continued to respond to the messages he receives on this platform. There, he has greeted those who support him and questioned those who criticize him. ““My lawyer was bored and needed action and, well, let's take her to meet the Good Shepherd,” he said..

Watch the interview with comedian Alejandro Leiva, better known as Piter Albeiro:

I created a car rental company and by winning MasterChef my company began to grow. There are 23 people who work for the company, all Colombians. The cars have a few miles and they have to be sold. and we make money”, he assured. “I have yacht rentals, three restaurants,” she added.

According to him, he is the owner of his own companies, he does not usually have partners but friends who are working in some of them, and today, he said, he can go to sleep for 15 days and nothing happens, his company is sustained. According to his story, he works on “something that I like and makes money.”

“My YouTube channel has been monetizing for a long time: 280 million views and that generates a fortune monthly. I have income from three restaurants that I own. One of Italian food and two of hamburgers that were on par with me to take that forward,” she added.

According to his story, “consistency” is the only thing that has allowed him to reap his fortune. “I collect my cars because I like it,” he stated, indicating that he also receives financial income from his YouTube account, where videos of him telling jokes have millions of views. “My life is too public, absurdly public. Everything is on Google, people who don't know my life say, 'it happened overnight and made money.''”, he asserted.

In all his business projects, he said, he executes, he works, even as a waiter. “If I have a car that attracts attention and another and another. I have cars because I like them and when I was studying I would go to a dealership, I would stick to the glass and dream about it and say that one day I would have one. And i did it”.

“I had a car since I was 15, I have had many cars and it has been wonderful. I don't know why it hurts people. You have to work for the things you like. You become an inspiration for someone by having something material. In 2020 I almost lost everything due to the pandemic and I went out to sell face masks and thermometers. In crises there are those who cry and those who sell handkerchiefs. And I did not go out to cry and I do not hide absolutely anything,” he reaffirmed.


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