Alarming data from non-financial institutions? Loans are losing value and deposits are breaking records of growth

Luc Williams

Receivables from households increased by 0.1%. y/y to PLN 743.7 billion, and from enterprises – decreased by 4.6%. y/y to PLN 416.3 billion, it was stated in the presentation.

“The portfolio of gross housing loans for households in February 2024 increased by PLN 2.6 billion to PLN 459.9 billion (+0.6% m/m and -1.1% y/y). Meanwhile, the portfolio Gross housing loans in PLN for households increased in February (+PLN 4 billion) to PLN 418.1 billion (+1% m/m and +7.5% y/y). at the end of January 2024 it was 90.9%.

In turn, the portfolio of gross foreign currency housing loans for households decreased compared to the previous month (-3.2% m/m and -45.1% y/y) to the level of PLN 41.8 billion,” we read in the presentation.

Gross consumer loan portfolio in February this year. increased compared to the previous month by PLN 0.5 billion to PLN 191.4 billion (+0.2% m/m and +5% y/y).

Portfolio (gross) of operational loans of non-financial enterprises in February this year. decreased by PLN 1.1 billion to PLN 165.4 billion (-0.7% m/m and -7% y/y). The portfolio (gross) of investment loans of non-financial enterprises increased by PLN 1 billion to PLN 158.3 billion (+0.6% m/m and +0.9% y/y).

Phase 3 loan portfolio in the non-financial sector in February 2024:

  • It increased by PLN 0.5 billion compared to the previous month to PLN 63.2 billion (+0.8% m/m and -6.1% y/y);
  • In terms of products, consumer loans (PLN 15.7 billion) and operational loans (PLN 17.4 billion) dominate;
  • In terms of entities, private individuals (PLN 26 billion) and SMEs (PLN 18.5 billion) dominate.

Loans/deposits ratio at the end of February this year. dropped to 61.6 percent (-0.3 percentage points m/m and -5.8 percentage points y/y).

“The value of non-financial sector deposits in February 2024 increased by PLN 14.8 billion to PLN 1,819.2 billion (+0.8% m/m and +7.7% y/y). The volume of deposits dominating in the structure households (70.2% of total deposits) increased by PLN 14.8 billion in February this year (+1.2% m/m and +10.4% y/y),” it was also written in the presentation.



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