Michelin Polska spokesman announces: The truck tire plant is closing, but no employee will lose their job. How is this possible?

Luc Williams

The spokesman informed PAP that production of tires for trucks will be terminated at the Olsztyn plant due to the situation on the truck tire market in Europe. “The market is flooded with cheaper tires from the Far East and therefore our plant has decided to discontinue the production of truck tires,” he said. Staszałek. He also emphasized that this decision does not result in any employee layoffs.

Citing anonymous sources, the media informs about the intention to dismiss 500 people from the Olsztyn factory.

“This is not true. Each person working in the truck tire plant will be offered a job in an appropriate position corresponding to their competences and experience in other plants – whether producing tires for passenger cars or for agricultural machinery, of course in Olsztyn. Conditions offered to the plant's employees truck tires in other plants will not be worse than the current ones,” said Staszałek. He specified that this applies to both blue-collar and non-blue-collar workers.

The spokesman emphasized that the Michelin factory in Olsztyn is one of the largest in Europe, “and certainly the most modern.” A “large investment program” is currently being carried out at the factory.

“We employ over 5,000 people and are the largest employer in the region. Our human resources needs are so great that we do not need to lay off anyone,” Staszałek emphasized. He also denied the information that employees learned about the changes via e-mail.

“There was a meeting of all employees with the management and managers. Everyone could ask questions, everything was explained,” he said.

The Michelin Group began commercial operations in Poland in 1994, and on December 2, 1995, the then managing director of the Michelin Group François Michelin signed with Ministry of Ownership Transformations privatization agreement under which Michelin acquired a majority stake StomilOlsztyn. (PAP)

author: Joanna Kiewisz-Wojciechowska


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