Allegro's new idea raises doubts. Alcohol delivered to your home?

Luc Williams

Since when can you buy alcohol on Allegro?

In a statement for “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, Marcin Gruszka, Allegro's spokesman, did not specify When can alcohol trading on Allegro become a fact?. As he says, the entire process of implementing such an option is long-lasting because purchases must be safe.

“Our research shows that this aspect is very important for users. That is why we make every effort to ensure that the process of delivery and verification of age or sobriety is carefully refined,” he said.

The idea itself is a consequence of the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court of 2022, which stated that a stationary store that allows the sale of alcohol online cannot therefore lose its permit.

Will minors be able to buy alcohol online?

A big doubt in the scope selling alcohol on Allegro it is possible to order it by minors. However, according to DGP, courier companies believe that this is not a problem – couriers are supposed to check it Identity Cardspeople to whom they deliver parcels.

This is what happens, among others, at Glovo, where the purchase of alcohol is verified in many stages. Simply viewing the offer requires the user to confirm their age and accept the regulations. It is also necessary to submit a declaration of the client's sobriety. The courier who delivers alcohol must check whether the ordering party is of legal age. Moreover, Glovo employees receive notifications when delivering alcohol, reminding them to verify customers.

“Everything is a matter of the provisions of the cooperation agreement. Today couriers verify the identity of those receiving bank shipments from the ID“- writes DGP, citing a courier who wishes to remain anonymous.

Can a courier verify the identity of a customer ordering alcohol?

Doubts related to delivery of alcohol ordered by However, there are a lot of Allegro. In a statement for DGP, Katarzyna Łukowska, deputy director at the National Center for Addiction Prevention, emphasizes that selling alcohol with home delivery is not legal. The courier cannot verify his customers. Sellers who do not show up at the customer's doorstep may ask for an ID card when selling alcohol.

“That's why we file a report to the prosecutor's office every time we find out about… selling alcohol online with home delivery buyer. There are a dozen or so such notifications each year. We are also in contact with the Ministry of Health, which we draw attention to urgent matters that need to be resolved,” says Łukowska.

You can find more information about alcohol sales on Allegro — HERE —.


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