Petro, victim of the 'petrovideos'? “Victimization evades the failure of his government and its scandals”

Luc Williams

After the hours of recording revealed in recent months exclusively on the 'petrovideos', which exposed dirty tactics in the Petro Presidente campaign that, in the end, allowed Gustavo Petro to reach the Presidency of the Republic, the boss of State said that he will testify as a witness in this embarrassing case that he called the “

Taking the above into account, President Petro spoke out this Wednesday on his account on the social network X: “I will go to the Prosecutor's Office to testify as a witness about what was done about my electoral campaign. “Who were responsible for intercepting my campaign communications for the Presidency for almost an entire year?”

In , Enrique Gómez, director of the National Salvation movement; Miguel Uribe, senator of the Democratic Center, and Juan Carlos Flórez, former councilor of Bogotá, referred to this 'petrovideo' scandal.

For Congressman Miguel Uribe, The fact that President Petro now seeks to revive the 'petrovideos' scandal shows that he intends to victimize himself; all within the framework of a strategy in the midst of the embarrassing cases that have plagued his mandate.

“Petro, in some way, wants to divert attention to the background of the videos. It is absolutely worrying. In some way, what was said there (in the 'petrovideos') is happening and was only the starting point or the warning of what would be this Government that today is materializing in corruption, alliances with criminals, in hopelessness for the majority of Colombians who today do not receive any contribution from the Government. The second thing is that Petro is victimizing himself, that is Petro's constant strategy: victimization. And victimization helps him in some way to evade his responsibility for the failure of his government, but also to divert attention from the scandals that compromise him today,” said the Uribe senator.

In this sense, Uribe was emphatic in saying that what Colombians should keep It is with the content, the messages of the 'petrovideos'.

Like Senator Uribe, Gómez said that it is all a strategy by President Petro to distract attention, in the midst of the recent scandals that plague his government.

“And today it is used to return to the 'study house'. Petro lives in the 'studio house', it is a more to distract public opinion from real national problems and meanwhile, well, no one governs here; the country to hell on all fronts. So, I think the show has to be put aside,” Gómez added.

“The president has not managed to create a government team, since it is surprising every time a minister or the director of an important State agency retires. We come to find out that relationships are established through a single person, which is Mrs. Sarabia (…), “So I feel that the president is very distressed, very worried, about his own mistakes and eager to relive that moment that was the highlight of his life, when he was an opponent,” Florez pointed out.


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