Seven universities in Colombia are among the best in the world: these are and their position in the ranking

Luc Williams

To establish this ranking in which there are seven Colombian universities as protagonists, this consulting firm from the United Arab Emirates evaluated 20,966 university cloisters.

When reviewing which were those seven Colombian universities that are among the best 2,000 in the world, it was established that the most outstanding was the National University, which was ranked 1 (for Colombia), and position 788 worldwide.

Continuing with the ranking at the Colombian level, second place went to the Universidad de los Andes, which ranked 864 worldwide. In addition, he obtained 71.9 points.

Said ranking at the Colombian level was as follows:

3. University of Antioquia: position 1,012 with a rating of 70.4 points out of 100.

4. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana: position 1,638 with a rating of 67.4.

5. Antonio Nariño University: position 1,681 with a rating of 67.3

6. Industrial University of Santander: position 1,777 with a rating of 66.9.

7. Universidad del Valle: position 1,961 with a rating of 66.2.

It is worth noting that the four components evaluated by the Center for World University Rankings are the following:

  1. Quality of education
  2. Employability of graduates
  3. Teaching quality
  4. Research performance

According to the Center for World University Rankings, the best university in the world is Harvard, in the United States. Second place goes to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the third for Stanford University; fourth for Cambridge, in the United Kingdom; fifth for the University of Oxford, also from Great Britain.

Professors supported appointment of the rector of the National University

Last Saturday, May 11, an open letter signed by more than 500 professors from the National University was released in which they recognized the appointment of José Ismael Peña as rector of this university faculty, while defending the selection process.

“It is true that the process may require adjustments and modifications to improve its validity and fairness, but It is imperative to remember that the rules of the process were accepted by all candidates from the moment they formalized their application. In this context, it is essential to respect the decisions made in accordance with these rules,” the open letter states.

They pointed out that the candidacy with the greatest support from the teaching staff obtained the support of 754 teachers, of the 2,985 in the census of university teachers for this process; In addition, 1,567 teachers gave their opinion for the other ten alternatives (including the blank vote) and 664 teachers abstained from participating. This scenario demonstrates the importance of considering the proposals and support of all candidates put forward for consideration by the CSU (Superior University Council).

“It is necessary to reiterate that The CSU is not obliged to choose the candidate with the greatest support in the electronic consultationsince this “is a procedure of prior consultation with the Academic Community that does not alter the decision-making competence of the CSU of the National University of Colombia, defined by the law and the statutes for the appointment of the Rector” (article 15 of Resolution 278 2011)”, they added in the communication.


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