InPost Pay – your online shopping even more convenient

Luc Williams

How it's working?

InPost Pay is an innovative solution that allows payment and delivery with one button, directly on the website of the selected product. Thanks to this, you transfer the entire order straight to the InPost Mobile application.

Simply create a basket with InPost Pay in the selected online store, and payment and delivery selection will be a matter of one click. Moreover, you will be able to track the status of your orders directly in the InPost Mobile application. Thanks to this, you will say goodbye to the need to browse through an endless list of e-mails and messages from various stores.

Registration in InPost Pay is one-time, and purchases are safe thanks to the one-button payment function. You can use the delivery and payment method of your choice.

Most importantly, everything is done in one place – shopping details, baskets from different stores, payments, deliveries, order statuses and notifications are available in one application. This is a real convenience for anyone who values ​​comfort and efficiency!

How to start using InPost Pay?

  • Download the InPost Mobile application or make sure you have the latest version of the application installed.
  • Register for the InPost Pay service in the application.
  • Visit an online store that offers shopping with InPost Pay and select “Create a basket with InPost Pay” for selected products.
  • All transaction details, including payment and delivery, will be automatically updated in the InPost application, from where you can easily complete your purchase.

If you value your time and convenience, InPost Pay is the perfect solution for you. It eliminates the need to enter data multiple times and allows you to manage all your purchases in one place. This is the future of online shopping – simpler, faster and safer.

Don't wait, check how InPost Pay can change your online shopping and bring more convenience to your life. Activate the Pay service in the InPost Mobile application and join the online shopping revolution.


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