The new president of the Industrial Development Agency. We know who it was

Luc Williams

As written in Monday's RIG newsletter, by decision of the ARP supervisory board, Michał Dąbrowski, long-time vice-president of RIG in Katowice, became the new president of the Industrial Development Agency. Dąbrowski – as vice-chairman of the supervisory board of the ARP – was delegated to serve as the president of the Agency in mid-April.

Who is Michał Dąbrowski?

“The new president of ARP is an experienced economist and manager with extensive experience in managing multi-billion projects in Poland and abroad. He specializes in optimizing results and restructuring companies. He also has extensive knowledge of obtaining financial resources, new investments and business development,” noted RIG Katowice on Monday.

The biography on the ARP website states that Dąbrowski is an economist, a manager with many years of experience in managing multi-billion projects in the international and domestic environment, specializing in profit optimization and restructuring of companies, a graduate of management studies – MBA EY at the WSB Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Dąbrowski was a member of the supervisory boards of State Treasury companies and the author of business, marketing and communication strategies related to process and cost optimization. He managed large investments and projects from the start-up phase to completion in line with the assumptions. He conducted restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of companies. He has experience in managing projects and budgets, negotiating prices, contracting projects and optimizing costs.

“I have always said that business is done by people, not companies”

The new head of the ARP in the past held, among others, functions of vice-chairman of the supervisory board of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów SA (PBSz SA), vice-president for strategy and development at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (today PAIH), where he was responsible for attracting international investors to Polish Economic Zones and the expansion of Polish companies to international markets, creating economic missions, including: mining sector companies to the Indian market.

Dąbrowski was also the management board representative for strategic projects and public affairs at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA and the president of Agencja Rozwoju Inwestycji sp. z o. o. in Bytom. For years, he was associated with the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, where he served as vice-president for the development of strategic and new business projects in the area of ​​development of Silesia. He advised private and public companies and cooperated with investment funds.

The announcement noted that the new president of ARP focuses on building a company based on people, investing in employees and broad cooperation on the market. “I have always argued that business is done by people, not companies. Positive energy and faith in success and people, combined with an everyday smile, often make the impossible possible,” said Dąbrowski.

Vice-Presidents of the Industrial Development Agency

“Michał Dąbrowski, as a former vice-president of the Chamber, knows and feels the problems of entrepreneurs very well. I am glad that we will continue to cooperate for the development of economic self-government,” noted the head of RIG Katowice, Tomasz Zjawiony.

According to information from the ARP website, its vice-presidents are: Jakub Dulski, Łukasz Kotapski, Krzysztof Michalski and Radosław Niedzielski.

ARP offers services for companies, including: investment co-financing, consulting, assistance in raising capital and expansion into foreign markets.


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