Artificial intelligence that warns against the development of AI. Is humanity at risk?

Luc Williams

Robotics, artificial intelligence, androidsalthough it is still there scientific curiosity, all this indicates that they are the future of our civilization. Robot bodies modeled on human bodies are either static or move with some resistance and lack the fluidity of the human body. It is completely different with those who are gifted artificial intelligence “minds” that enable them to engage in free conversation with humans. You can find many videos on social media where machines answer questions in surprising ways.

Thinking beings

One of such videos was presented by TikToker Colin Smith (nickname @photoshopcafe). In the recording from April 16 Amecathe world's “most advanced” humanoid robot, answers the question of when it thinks “artificial intelligence will reach the level where it will be able to design itself.”

Ameka's answer leaves no illusions that she is a thinking being and not without self-distance. “Design yourself, huh? It's like asking when the toaster will start making its own bread,” she said in the first sentence. “Artificial intelligence is a tool created and controlled by humans. Maybe optimize certain aspects of your operation, sure, but (will) it be designed from scratch? It's a completely different game. Requires creativityinnovation and understanding – traits that are uniquely human. So, to answer your question, not anytime soon,” she continued.

But that wasn't the end of her statement, and what her interlocutors heard sounded disturbing – “And honestly, be careful what you wish for. Artificial intelligence that can design itselfis one step away artificial intelligence that does not need people at all. Now there's a thought that won't let you sleep.”

Have you seen this somewhere before?

It is not known whether the author of the recording had peaceful dreams after this statement. But as you can see, her predictions are consistent with what Frank Herbert warned us against in “Dune” or the Wachowski sisters in the series “Matrix“. So before the takeover of the human world by artificial intelligence.

In another recording published by the creators of Ameki, a British company Engineered Arts, the android answers a question about its own well-being, and when asked to do so draws a cat. At the same time, he has a casual conversation with a man who, after criticizing the drawing, gets scolded by Ameka: “If you don't like my art, it probably means you don't understand art.”

Is there anything to be afraid of?

Almost any tool can be used with both good and bad intentions. And software is only as smart as its creator. Mobile phones, hologramssmartwatches, or journey to the moon… Their prototypes can be found in science fiction literature and films. And when thinking machines get out of people's control, our creativity, innovation and unconventional way of thinking supported by knowledge from books and films will probably allow us to deal with the threat.

For now, definitely The greater threat to people is the people themselves. This is confirmed by the creators of Ameka themselves in a comment for “At Engineered Arts, we understand the fear we see in the comments, but ultimately we firmly believe that humans have more to worry about (caused by) other people than they do with robots or artificial intelligence.”


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