Hennig-Kloska: The decision on whether to further freeze energy prices will be made only at the end of the year

Luc Williams

“At the moment we are planning the second half of the year, and the next year will be planned together with budget act. Now we are in a rather unusual time, because we are halfway through the year, but with the next budget act, of course, further decisions will have to be made,” she said. Hennig-Kloska on TVN24.

New limits on electricity prices

The government has published a draft act on the energy voucher and amending certain other acts, which assumes: extension of the maximum price for electricity for energy consumers in households for the second half this year. However, this price is to be PLN 500/MWh compared to the currently applicable maximum price of PLN 412/MWh net (up to certain limits). Maximum price will apply to all households, no consumption limit.

Maximum price for electricity for local government units (LGU) and public utility entities (schools, hospitals, nurseries, etc.), and also for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SME) will be maintained in the second half. br. at the current level PLN 693/MWh.

Energy voucher for the selected ones

The planned project will include provisions on the introduction of an energy voucher – it will be a “cash benefit for households whose income does not exceed PLN 2,500 per person in a single-person household or PLN 1,700 per person in a multi-person household“.

Thermal energy will become significantly more expensive

Mechanism maximum price of heat supply will be extended until June 30, 2025, except that delivery prices will be increased by a maximum of 15% from July 1, 2024 and by 30% from January 1, 2025, stated in the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) of the project. Mechanism maximum prices for gas fuel supplies will be maintained until the end of this year.

Economists have estimated the amount of the price increase (assuming that the distribution fee, which constitutes almost half of the electricity bill, will remain unchanged – there was no information on this issue in the project or in the statements of government representatives). According to ING Bank Śląski electricity bill will increase by 13%, and higher maximum price will raise consumer inflation by 0.6 percentage points; according to mBank, the bill will increase by 11-13%; according to PKO Bank Polski – by 10-13%.

Together expenditure of the public finance sector under the proposed act will amount to: PLN 4.57 billion in 2024 (including from the state budget: PLN 1.27 billion) and PLN 1.75 billion in 2025 (including from the state budget: PLN 0.32 billion ), indicated in the RIA. Targeted subsidy from the state budget for energy vouchers this year will amount to PLN 1.27 billion, the maximum limit of compensation for energy companies related to the maximum price for electricity is PLN 2.1 billion this year.



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