Attack on Nexperia. Hackers demanded a ransom from a Chinese-Dutch microchip manufacturer.

Luc Williams

Nexperia specializes in semiconductor production having a very wide range of applications, from mobile phones through refrigerators, vacuum cleaners to cars. It belongs to partially the state-owned Chinese company Wingtech Technology and is based in Nijmegen in the eastern Netherlands.

SpaceX, Apple and Huawei data leaked

Hackers apparently stole it hundreds of gigabytes of secret documentsincluding company trade secrets, semiconductor projectsas well as hundreds of folders with the company's customer data, including companies SpaceX, Apple and Huawei. As proof, they published some of them on the dark web, i.e. the so-called hidden internet. As reported by the Dutch station RTL Neuws, the disclosed documents included, among others: internal company emails and the passport of its former vice president; the company confirmed their credibility. Hackers are demanding from Nexperia ransom and threaten that if they don't receive it, even more of the company's secrets will come to light.

The attack was said to have occurred last month, but Nexperia did not want to publicize the matter. She informed the Dutch police and the data protection authority about the attack, and the investigation is still ongoing. “We took immediate action and disconnected the systems involved. Along with our external one Fox-IT cybersecurity expert “Nexperia continues to investigate the full scope and impact of this matter,” the company said in a statement.

Attack on a manufacturer of chips for the Russian military

As RTL Neuws found out, the attack was carried out by a relatively new organization in the field of cybercrime Dunghill hacker group. The group describes itself as “an international team of technical specialists who conduct research in the field of information security.” According to Dunghill, his main goal is to make “the world a safer place.”

Nexperia produces hundreds of billions of semiconductors annually, and the company's products are sold globally. Interestingly, as the Dutch station Nieuwsuur established last year, millions semiconductors they were supposed to stay too used in Russian drones and missiles.

Nexperia, which previously belonged to the Dutch company NXP, came into the hands of the Chinese in 2019.



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