The new Euro 7 emission standard has been adopted

Luc Williams

The council approved the position on Friday European Parliament, which means that the regulation has been adopted. It will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal. However, the date from which ordinance will be used, will depend depending on the type of car. The longest period – 60 months – will pass until the regulations enter into force in the case new buses, trucks and trailers.

Amendment to the Euro 6 standard

The regulation maintains test conditions and emission ceilings currently in force Euro 6 standards for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, while setting more stringent ones limits of particulate matter in exhaust gases. More stringent standards have also been established for exhaust emissions from buses and trucksas well as detailed limits regarding brake particulate matter. Also introduced minimum performance standards regarding durability batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles.

The regulation will also introduce environmental passport for each vehicle. It will contain information about environmental efficiency at the time of car registration such as pollution emission limits, CO2 emissionsWithfuel and electricity useelectric range, battery durability.

Reduction of exhaust gases to zero

Meanwhile, the regulation introducing CO2 emission standards adopted last year provides for 100 percent. reduction by 2035 for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This means that they will only be able to hit the market zero-emission vehicles in these categories (and therefore also with combustion enginesbut on hydrogen Whether synthetic fuelswhile registered petrol and diesel cars will be able to be resold).

Other combustion vehicles such as trucks and buses they will still be there hit the market after this date – they will cover them new norms. Euro 7 regulations will also regulate emissions from passenger cars and vans until 2035, and other provisions of this regulation (e.g. on brakes, tires and battery life) will apply to new, greener cars and vans also after 2035.

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