Ban on selling alcohol at gas stations? Poles have their say (DGP SURVEY)

Luc Williams

Ban on selling alcohol at gas stations

55.4 percent respondents are against introducing a ban on the sale of such products at gas stations. 42.9% support the introduction of restrictions. people. 1.7 percent has no opinion on this matter.

The issue is similar ban on selling alcohol in stores after hours 22. 64.1% of respondents are against such a solution. respondents. For – 34.4 percent 1.5 percent marked the option “difficult to say”.

Survey – Alcohol – Total answers / / Patryk Koch

The youngest people oppose it the most

In both cases, it is the youngest who oppose it the most. In the 18-29 age group, 85 percent are against the ban on the sale of alcohol at gas stations. (15 percent in favor), while 80 percent do not support the idea of ​​limiting sales in stores at night. asked (20 percent in favor).

The oldest people are most willing to accept the proposed changes. Among people aged 70+, 62% support the introduction of a ban on the sale of alcohol at gas stations. respondents (34 percent against). In favor of limiting sales in stores after hours. 22 is 48 percent. people (47 percent against).

Survey – Alcohol – Respondent's age / / Patryk Koch

Poles look more favorably at the issue of banning the sale of alcohol online. 57.7% are in favor of this solution, 35.6% are against it. people, and 6.7 percent he has no opinion on this matter. This idea is supported by almost all age groups. Only the youngest, aged 18-29, are clearly against (75% answer “no”, 21% answer “yes”).

Survey – Alcohol – Respondent's age continued / / Patryk Koch

The idea of ​​banning the advertising of alcoholic beverages enjoys the greatest support from society. This idea is supported by 63.4 percent. respondents. 32.2% are against. people. 4.4 percent people chose the “difficult to say” option.

There have been no changes for years

The idea of ​​restrictions on the sale of alcohol returns to public debate every few years. Krzysztof Brzózka, former long-time director of the State Agency for Solving Alcohol-related Problems, admits in an interview with DGP that alcohol is a huge problem for public health in Poland. – Therefore, each restriction of access to alcohol has its justification and sense. Unfortunately, the last person in Poland who tried to do something about this matter was prof. Zbigniew Religa (Minister of Health in 2005-2007 – ed.). Then they threw up their hands, and consumption in our country only increased. Raising the excise tax did some good, but as society became richer, the effect of this change was hardly noticeable – points out the former head of PARPA.

And as he adds, in his opinion ban on night sales of alcohol should be extended. – Not only until 6, but even until 10. A big problem is eating the so-called monkeys. This applies to up to a million people, emphasizes Brzózka.

When asked about the results of the survey, Brzózka recalls a CBOS survey from a few years ago. – Poles do not want restrictions on the sale of alcohol at stations and shops, but at the same time they can admit that alcohol is a problem in Poland. A total of 90% of them admitted it, including 43% that it was “very big” and 48% that it was “rather big”. So it's a kind of cacophony and misunderstanding of the situation. We see that there is a problem, but at the same time we do not want to do much to solve it – admits the former head of PARPA.

The survey was carried out on May 10-12, 2024 by United Surveys by IBRiS for DGP and RMF FM on a sample of 1,000 adult Poles. the study was carried out using the online mix-mode method and telephone, standardized computer-assisted questionnaire interviews (CAWI/CATI).



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