William Molina, the young man who stopped Petro in his tracks, remains firm and responded this way after the president called him “young old man”

Luc Williams

During the recent meeting with youth advisors, President Gustavo Petro found himself in a position that he probably did not expect. William Molina, a young man of only 19 years old, 'took the rap' by criticizing that his speech is populist. And although the president responded by saying that he was wrong, the law student defended his point.

In the space of , Molina referred to this episode. Furthermore, he reacted to the comment made by the head of state in which he described him as an “old young man.”

For Molina, the contrast demonstrated by President Petro is striking. During the campaign, he showed himself as a candidate close to youth, however, Now he seems to have built walls, at least, with young people who do not share his political positions or support his projects.

“One way or another, we expected a forceful speech from the president (…). 'Young old men' was what he said. That is not like that. We are young people trying to do things differently, young people who have ideals – suddenly – different from the political and party lines of the national Government, but, then, now it is our turn as young people to sit down, shut up, put a tape over our mouths and be the endorsement committee? Neither. I think that's not my role. And if they chose me for that, as they say colloquially in my country, turn it off and leave,” Molina said.

Next, Molina indicated that President Gustavo Petro probably did not like his intervention or what he represents due to multiple factors. However, he remained firm and insisted: “First know the situation and that's when clarity comes.”

“I am from Santander, I come from a family where what we have and have achieved has been due to the efforts of my mother, who has worked tirelessly, as a Berraca Santander woman and committed to raising her children forward, like many Colombian women and families. that we have something in this country, “but it is because we have had to fight,” Molina highlighted.

“I admired Francia Márquez, but one cannot remain silent either”

For expressing his opinion and going against the intentions of President Petro and his government, William Molina said that the threats have not stopped.

“They have written to me, they have harassed me, they have told me that I am a HP, that I am the worst of the worst, that I am a Uribista, that they are going to tell me to keep quiet, there are a thousand things. But I tell them that I am not a Uribista, I am part of a centrist party, my ideals are different, and I told France (Márquez) this. I admired her for some things that have been given and done, But one cannot remain silent either because, then, we are making a big mistake,” added the youth counselor in the space of .


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