Bankers want to recapitalize the Borrower Support Fund. They prefer this to another credit holiday

Luc Williams

The banking sector is willing to allocate the amount that banks would incur in the event of an extension of loan holidays to the Borrower Support Fund (FWK), declared the president of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), Tadeusz Białek.

“In case of withdrawal from further processing the provisions on credit holidays as the banking sector, we declare that we are ready to allocate – also statutorily – the funds that would be incurred banking sectorlaunching credit holidays on recapitalization of the Borrower Support Fund” – Białek said during the press conference.

“It is not a matter of money, but of principles,” the president emphasized.

The President referred to the amounts given in assessment of the regulatory effects of the draft act on credit holidays, which the government recently presented. It was then calculated that with 100% participation, the banking sector would incur costs of PLN 3.6 billion, assuming such participation as in the previous credit holidays, the cost would amount to PLN 2.5 billion.

According to Białek, credit holidays “This solution is harmful to the payment morality of Poles.” He emphasized that it should be the basic instrument of support for borrowers who have problems repaying installments Borrower Support Fund, the aid would go to those who really need it. He recalled that according to ZBP data, only 14% of those who took advantage of loan holidays needed support. More than half spent the money they saved on installments on… loan overpayment.



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