Poland is full of washing machines?? Not only that, it is responsible for 40 percent. production of all household appliances in the EU

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Poland is responsible for 40 percent. equipment production Household appliances In EU – results from the “home appliance market report 2023/2024”, presented on Wednesday by the association of household appliance manufacturers Applia. It was added that in 2023, household appliance companies invested over PLN 2 billion in the development of modern production lines, digitalization and automation.

According to the report, the household appliances industry employs approx. 35,000 people in Poland. people. According to Applia estimates, the household appliances sector employs approximately 110,000. people. The total revenues of the largest producers, suppliers and importers from the production and sale of household appliances in Poland and abroad amounted to approximately PLN 44 billion, the authors estimated.

In the report, they indicated that the average salary in industry is PLN 7,000. PLN gross. They added that this rate has increased by 35% over the last 4 years.

They also noted that last year, 26 million pieces of household appliances were produced, most of the volume falling on household appliances, i.e. 22.9 million pieces. They emphasized that production in Polish factories decreased by 11%. It was noted that in 2023, the volume of manufactured household appliances dropped to the level of 2014. Experts added that at that time, the capacity of Polish factories was lower than today.

The authors of the report informed that when it comes to small household appliances, only three categories of equipment are produced in Poland – vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and mixers. Quantitatively, 3.1 million devices were produced in 2023, of which 2/3 were coffee machines.

They noted that in terms of quantity and value, washing machines constitute the largest group, accounting for 26%. volume of large-size equipment, and 27 percent value of the entire production of household appliances in Poland. APPLIA Polska is an association representing the household appliances industry. It has been operating in Poland since 2004. It includes 35 companies employing 32,000 thousand. people. (PAP)

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