Barcelona's electric future? Chery and Ebro will start production of 150,000 cars per year

Luc Williams

The Chinese company Chery and the Spanish company Ebro are joining forces in the Catalan automotive industry

During the afternoon ceremony with the participation of, among others, the head of the government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonesthe Prime Minister of Spain said that the agreement reached between the Chinese car company Chery and a Spanish car manufacturer Ebro “it is a symbol of the re-industrialization of the country.”

He recalled that until 2021, the company would produce vehicles in this Catalan plant Nissan. The production of Chinese electric cars will employ up to 1,250 people who were previously employed at the Nissan plant.

The factory, which will operate under the name Ebro Factory, is to produce up to 50,000 units a year. electric vehicles. By 2029, the Barcelona factory is expected to increase annual production to 150,000. car

Development of the Ebro factory in Barcelona: increasing employment and production of electric vehicles

From the announcement of the vice-president of the Chinese Chery group Guibing Zhang shows that it has already employed a 150-person staff at the factory in Barcelona, ​​and in the coming months it will gradually increase employment and the number of production lines.

Zhang explained that vehicle assembly will begin in Barcelona by the end of August Chery Omoda 5, and until December this year. production of two models will start Ebro SUV.

Marcin Zatyka (PAP)


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